King of the Hill SERIES FINALE (open spoilers)

It’s on right now. Was this intended as a series finale (or at least a backdoor finale) or not?

P.S. I know he has good intentions and the girls are treaing, but the line Hank just said “You’re not going anywhere untill you act like a boy!.. You’re just supposed to know” really made me hate him a bit. :frowning:

These are two decent episodes. And Bobby’s masculinity does come through at the end of the first one as Bill & Ted pronounce him a “noble little dude”. However, this is NOT what I consider a series finale’.

And where the hell is Connie? I’ve missed most of the last couple seasons- is she off somewhere?

OK, it’s done and the last 10 min, from Bobby’s winning the championship to everyone turning out for his cookpit (there’s Connie!) made it a decent finale’, but not as good as it could have been.
“Team spirit… It’s like the Holy Spirit, but only more powerful.” Ouch!

I thought it was a suitably low-key finale to a low-key series. The “last one” comment about the steak was a nice subtle touch.

I haven’t seen it much the last few seasons either. Was there something significant about the badge in Boomhauer’s (sp?) wallet?

I have watched KOTH off and on for the last several years, and I think that it has been generally pretty weak for the past couple of seasons…

I think after Tom Petty (Lucky) joined it was the beginning of the end.

Also, I loathe Kahn, and always felt he was a big flaw in an otherwise pretty good show.

There should have been a bit more love for propane in that last scene.

There were actually four more episodes left over from last season that were produced, but not run by Fox. They have elected to burn them off in syndication. They’re expected to turn up first on Adult Swim.

I noticed that, as well. Was Boomhauer a Texas Ranger? If so, the badge was completely wrong.

According to the Wikipedia link above, yes, he’s a TR.

Not surprisingly, that’s contradicted by the article on Boomhauer:

Well, I just watched it on my laptop, full screen and paused, and the badge definitely said “TEXAS RANGER.” The license said “Texas Department of Health and Safety”.

It would appear that Mike Judge wants us to know that Boomhauer is a TR, regardless of how much he leaves Arlen or how authentic the badge looked.

I really liked To Sirloin With Love. I think that Hank and Bobby’s relationship is the heart of the show. Especially since Hank’s relationship with his father was always so strained. I know that it’s dumb, but it makes me happy to know that the two of them have finally found common ground, without either one of them sacrificing their basic personalities. Hank was never going to get Bobby’s comedy or obsession with pop culture, and Bobby was never going to play sports–either one of those endings would have been very disappointing.

Also, I love Khan. He makes me laugh every time he’s on the screen. “Next on Hillbilly Science: four carts are bigger than one cart!”

I think it’s awesome that Boomhauer is a Texas Ranger.

It explains so many things, but was left unsaid for so many years. Perfect.

I also like that the series ended with a normal, dad-and-son moment. Hank had been trying so hard for one of those over the years, it only seems right that when he finally connects with Bobby it is over a grill (propane of course).

I’m sorry to see this show end, but I’m glad that Mike Judge didn’t do anything ridiculous to end it - just a believable story (if there is such a thing as a beef judging council) with a good ending. A low-key ending for a low-key show.

Nah, nothing dumb about it at all. The strength of the show has always been the characters, and the finale played off this well. Hank delivered a meaningful pep talk and Bobby was right about noticing the Crazy (unicorn ranch notwithstanding). I also don’t ever remember seeing Bobby as a toddler before, but he’s definitely his father’s son in his own way. :slight_smile:

Yeah, seeing Bobby exposed to a steak as an infant was fun.

There was an episode way back where Connie is having dinner with the Hills, and she’s a bit repelled by the steak dinner, squawking “how many cows do you people eat in a year anyway!?” Hank scratches his chin and looks at Bobby thoughtfully, “You know, we tried to figure that out once…”

I remember that one! Aisle 8-A. She’s PMSing majorly (for the first time). :smiley:

We thought it was hilarious that Boomhauer was a Texas Ranger. Sorry to see the show go.

I haven’t watched the show much in the last several seasons (I agree that Lucky, and before that, Peggy’s megalomania were major turn-offs), but I did enjoy the last epi when Hank and Bobby were grilling. As it’s been mentioned upthread, the show has centered around Hank feeling that “that boy ain’t right” and he and Bobby trying to find common ground. It never worked, because whatever common interest they had, they came at it from completely different angles. But it seems fitting that they found common agreement with their love for meat.

It would be cool to see an episode with Bobby grown up, and how he would interact with his kid(s) and his dad.

I loved the Chuck Mangione continuity as well!

I have long wanted to see Bobby grown up … I had a sneaking suspicion he would be very successful in the entertainment industry (maybe behind the scenes if not a performer) and would be the most normal, well-adjusted person ever.