Consequences of eating the entire sunflower seed

On the bag it recommends spitting out the shell. My Q is what consequences (if any) arrive if I eat an entire bag 65g of sunflower seeds…including the shell.

The Master speaks.


How terrible! I ate some whole sunflower seeds once. I gave up before I ate the whole bag, as they are terrible with the shell on. I remember thinking, “These are pretty good once I chew through to the inside, but it’s not worth it.”

In my defense, I was about six.

And in defense of myself…I have eaten an entire bag 70g of seeds (shell and all) many times without any problem (other than people telling me “you actually eat the whole thing?”)

Never have exprerienced the aboved mentioned “sh*t brick”

Yet another step in convincing me that Wonko the Sane had the right idea. The world is getting too weird to live in if people need to be told this.

That’s why you should stick to Circus Peanuts.




I ate shells and all as a kid, never got a brick. First I would suck them for the sald, then I would seperate the shell and nut in my mouth, and would eat both.

I don’t know about sunflower seeds, but I eat pumpkin seeds whole all the time. Personally I think the shell is the best, it’s super salty and crunchy.

Pumpkin seed shells are much less…inflexible than sunflower seed shells. Sunflower seed shells are very fibrous, more like peanut shells, but tougher.