Pumpkin Seeds

How’s this for mundane? I recently discovered the joy of eating roasted, in the shell, salted pumpkin seeds. My husband eats them shell and all, while I crack them like sunflower seeds and only eat the actual seed inside.

What say you? Eat the shell or not? I shudder to think of those shells working their way through your digestive system. Plus, they’re gross with the shells on. Vote!

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i like em both ways… it all depends on how energetic i am at the time.

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I eat the shells. They have that chewy, beef jerky allure even though the do taste crappy. It doesn’t seem worth the work to get at the seed by itself.

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I eat the shells. Breaking each one open would be so much work for such a tiny little seed.

It is too clear, and so it is hard to see.

yeah, I eat the shell, too. Gross and fibery, I know, but it is so much trouble to get the little tiny seed out! I’d probably be just as happy to suck on 'em awhile and then spit out the soggy saltfree pulp, but that’s really not a pretty picture either. At least with the shells in my intestines, I can keep it to myself.

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Place where I worked last had all the guys in the office addicted to them. They carried little spit cups around with them and munched on the seeds and then spit out the shells into the cups. Gross, but not as gross as chewing tobacco, I guess!

I’m a shell eater, too. It is definately too much work to start shelling them (that’s why I eat the already shelled sunflower seeds, too).

If I roast em myself (acorn squash seeds too), I eat the shell and all. You can also buy hulled ones, raw or roasted, that are meatier than the Halloween punkin type.

Raw ones are supposedly good for male vavavoom !

Punkin seeds…yum.

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I like roasting them with seasoning salts or a mix of spices. My vote goes for shell and all… nice and crunchy.

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Shells! Not just pumpkin seeds, either. My favorite watering hole used to set out buckets of free peanuts (no more, due to rowdy peanut battles), and half the time, they’d go down whole as well - beer and salty whole peanuts, my diet for the last year of college. yum.

I eat the shells. I roast them after we carve our jack-o-lanterns. Lots of different ways. Salt, Cajun Spice and Sugar and Cinnamon are our favorites. I brought some into work and a few of my co-workers had never heard of eating pumpkin seeds, they looked at me like I was from Mars or something.

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No shells. I go to Morrow’s Nut House and buy a bag already roasted and salted. They call them “pepitas” there because they can’t charge you an arm and a leg if they’re called “pumpkin seeds”.

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Think of them as roughage.

Are pumpkin seeds as full of fat as sunflower seeds? I love sunflower seeds but WAY too much fat.

BTW it’s fun to plant sunflowers and watch the squirrels swinging from them to get the seeds.

ALL seeds and nuts have way too much fat if you read Dr. Dean Ornish.

My vote goes to eating the shells too. I love how they make your mouth pucker from all that salt. Yum!

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I used to eat pumpkin seeds all the time as a child, probably because we had a pumpkin patch in the back yard. They’re great, but I must say, I never knew you could shell them. Besides, I think part of the taste comes from the shells.