Conservative Dopers...Trump's accomplishments so far

To the broader point, I subscribe to the belief that Presidents get far too much credit when the economy is good, and far too much blame when it is bad. If you were to liken the economy to an airplane, it’s more like they’re sitting back in the main cabin with us, perhaps in first class, but definitely not in the pilot’s seat. With that baseline, I don’t want to oversell Trump’s economic “accomplishments”, but there were plenty on the Left that were worried / believed Trump was going to wreck the economy. I think it’s fair to say that, at least thus far, he has not. Could you agree with that? Assuming we can, shouldn’t that go in the “W” column for Trump?

In earlier posts (these are excerpts of your longer posts) you said:

Do you feel that six months in, we might be looking at your “best case scenario” at least on the economic front, with an economy “only somewhat damaged”?

I cited unemployment, GDP, and stock market (this last one may not have much effect on “working class people”) metrics. Do you think, so far, the economy has been doing better or worse for them under Trump?

We can agree that he hasn’t “cause[d] a depression”, at least yet, right? And there’s been no nuclear war, so would you agree that Trump has been “a success” so far?

Similar to above, the economy doesn’t appear to have crashed, and he hasn’t really started any new wars, at least yet. Has he met your hopes? Exceeded them? Fallen short?