Conservative posters: What's your story?

I read his books, then somehow discovered this place way back in 99.

Eleven years. Wow. :eek:

Since this is more of a story-sharing than an opinion-sharing type of thread, I’m moving it from IMHO to MPSIMS.

I found the archive somehow. I wanted to know some obscure fact like “Why do pidgeons bob their heads?” Google took me here.

He said you’d hear that on IMBD, not here.

The hipster/indie newspaper I read in college for music recs included the SD column, and a couple of years later I found the boards when I needed the answer to a burning question: what’s the average number of words per page in paperback novel?

:smack::confused: What is IMBD?

OHHHH! IMDB!!! Internet Movie Database!!!

I’ve been reading the column and the books since the 1980’s. I never gave politics a thought; 99% of the columns have nothing to do with ideology. I came here because it was an extension of the column–a chance to play “Cecil for a day” by answering other people’s questions (and to get answers to one’s own questions).

Once I got here, of course, I couldn’t help but wander into GD and notice in about 6.2 seconds that it was a nest of far-left vipers. I don’t care. I never debate anything that happened since 1920 and spend most of my time in the other forums anyway. And, I put a few of the worst nincompoops on Ignore.

I originally found the Dope through a search engine query (Ask Jeeves, probably). It seems like I was 15, which would make the year 2000 or 2001. I remember browsing the message board on 09/11/2001 but I originally only read Cecil’s (ETA: and the advisory board’s) archives.

Although I am no longer politically conservative, I was at the time. The Dope has been a significant factor in the development of some of my current opinions.

Yes, sorry. I wasn’t saying fuck your mother. I was saying that’s what you’d get there.

I found the Straight Dope website, when I got into an argument whether insects sleep or not. So I turned on that Google machine, and it connected me to the intrnet. One of the results was for SD. So I started exploring and experimenting. Radical as it is, I doubt I’m truly conservative, more libertarian.

So do insects sleep?

I found a SD book in the Humor section of a bookstore and read it cover to cover. This would have been about 1992. Over the next few years, I bought every SD book and read them cover to cover, as well.

In July of 1999 I was at a library checking out this cool new “internet” thing and, for shits & giggles, looked up “Straight Dope.” Found the message board and was hooked.

Basically, I get bored easily. When I’m waiting for a table at a restaurant, I need something to read, just to kill time. It doesn’t matter what! If there’s nothing around but a free local magazine or advertising flyer, I’ll read that.

Around Austin, most restaurant lobbies carry a free (and overpriced at that) alternative newspaper called the Austin Chronicle. While killing time, I started reading a few of their features. The Straight Dope was the most fun, and became the thing I turned to first. After a while, I checked out their web site, and eventually got hooked.

Started reading in the AOL days, joined after lurking for a while on these boards.

I love five of the forums, and look forward to reading the interesting stories and personal observations. Its also interesting to read the facts some people post, and I enjoy expanding my mind.

I don’t ever go to Great Debates, due to the political venom spewed. Sadly, its starting to carry over into the areas of the boards I like.

Back in the early 80’s my sister found an article in The Reader about farts. Being a true sophisticate she cut it out and gave it to me, her baby bro. Naturally, I was intrigued by this and would pick up this subversive rag in order to glean further esoteric knowledge.

Then, in the wild and wooly days of the early Internet I was searching for the aforementioned article and stumbled upon the site. I read the question of the day, searched for a couple other odd articles, then my eye fell upon the message board. I lurked, posted as a guest for a while, subscribed for a couple years, then had to drop out for financial reasons.

Sure the place has that Politburo feel sometimes and occasionally I feel as welcome as Dick Cheney at a Code Pink rally, but it is entertaining and though provoking.

The books. One of them mentioned the AOL site, so I would go there sometimes. When the site migrated to the web, I followed it but only registered in 2001 or so.

The lefties I know all think I’m conservative. The righties I know all think I’m liberal. That’s probably at least partly to do with the fact I find each side so annoying that I start leaning the other way from whichever side I’m in the company of after having to listen to them natter on for a bit.

You explained why you might be considered a conservative, but I think you forgot to answer the question.:stuck_out_tongue:

Have you SEEN **Friar **Ted’s mom? You may be making a mistake in retracting that interpretation.

Dammit! That’s funny!

:dubious: Check the join date. I was on the AOL-hosted board before that. I’ve been Dopin’ since around July or August of '98.

The “pinko commie” factor was much, much less, and considerably more intelligent and thoughtful, than the current crop of “OHNOZE! TEH REPUGS R SUX!” crew.

I was linked to the SDMB on AOL WRT a factual question in another forum, and started reading, and posting, and discussing/debating.

Now it’s mostly apolitical forums like CS, MPSIMS, and IMHO keeping me here.

I will give the vast majority of the SD members credit for this: most are way above “functionally literate,” and typos aside, practice some form of mostly correct grammar, which make the SDMB much more readable and therefore enjoyable than many of the “other” boards which may be more politically palatable to me personally.