Conservative posters: What's your story?

I used to come here years ago and just read sometimes. I just happened upon it recently and was happily surprised to see SD was still going strong.

I like SD because it is more laid back and not as mean spirited as other boards. When I first went on line there was a board called Womans Wire. It has since been bought out but in the early days it was a lot of fun.

I love polite message boards and the exchange of ideas. I can’t seem to find the time when I’m in a relationship to stay with them. My last bf was jealous of my computer and my dog so he had to go.

I joined back in 2000. The Dope was friendlier to conservatives back then.

As I recall, I stumbled over it while following a chain on something, but I don’t remember what.

Saw the “whole nine yards column” posted on an alien abduction message board.

I was channel-surfing and came across the TV show. In the credits for the show was a reference either to the books or to the website, I forget which. I found the books in the bookstore, and the website online.

According to imdb, the TV show was in 1996, and my join date is listed as 2000. I didn’t think I lurked that long, but I guess I did.

I live in a college town. I’m used to being the most conservative guy in the room. I know plenty of left-wing loons in the real world, so this message board is no big deal.

I won that argument. They do sleep, just not in the conventional sense

Holy crap. Are you me?

I was brought here through my atheism, and not my politics. Search-engine fu brought me to the Bible series, and then I read Scylla’s blimp story. I’ve been hanging around ever since. This was around 2000 – I registered in 2003 so I could use the search function.

I walked into the office one day to find one of my co-workers practically crying from laughter at reading something on the boards, I wish I could remember now what it was… anyways, he showed it to me and I was hooked. I lurked for a year or so before registering to post a question in GQ.

I have been lurking since the AOL days. I stumbled over the column around 1998. Loved the mix of really interesting trivia, and off the wall humor. Started reading the threadspotting on a daily basis. I couldn’t beleive the depth of knowledge on the board. Ask any question, and there is a Phd in that field somewhere around here to answer it for you. Joined back in '01, but never posted anything, because I really didn’t think I could contribute. There were a few threads that floored me. One was an “Ask the Muslim” thread, and another was the person posting from Serbia while we (the U.S) were bombing them. I just enjoy the fact that most people around here can put two thoughts together and actually communicate them, and that there are still people who mostly beleive that through discourse we can at least arrive at understanding, if not agreement.

Or maybe teh Repugs just sucked less in the late '90’s. :smiley: