Consistently slow mail delivery between MA and AL?

Over the past two years I’ve been doing a lot ‘mass’ mailings to eight states, trying to organize a big family reunion. (Never again. NEVER again.)

Anyway, each mailing I drop around two dozen identical envelopes (first class mail) into the same mail box. Most arrive at the recipients in two or three (non-Sundays) days, even those going all the way from MA to California and Arizona.

But the ones sent to two addresses in Alabama CONSISTENTLY take much, much longer. The latest example: a letter mailed on the 8th has not arrived as of today’s delivery at either of the Alabama addresses – that’s eight days, not counting Sunday! I’ve had things take anywhere up to two full weeks.

What the heck is going on?

Is there some special risk about mail between MA and AL, so homeland security decrees all the mail must be held and steamed open individually?

Is is some sort of ‘Southern Slowness’ er, make that ‘Southern Charm’?

Is Alabama really a separate third world country and not just another U.S. state as I assumed?

No actual idea why, but I had to respond. You may not have heard, but Ma and Al have not been speaking for some time. :stuck_out_tongue:

The other explanation is that them good ol’ boys down in ‘Bama just don’t trust nuthin’ that comes from any Damn Yankee, particular them Libral Yankees outta Massa-choo-setts. Gotta double-check them letters for subversive ideas and such.

You think you’re joking, but I bet you’re close to the truth. They’re double checking I’m not sending in pro Darwinism text books, or maybe pro same sex marriage flyers…

Are your addresses in similar sized communities in all those states?

For example, are your California & Arizona addresses in major cities, while your Alabama ones are in tiny towns or way out in the rural area?

That might explain some delay. Postal sorting & delivery centers are mainly in larger cities, and then distributed out to smaller cities, which distribute it further to little towns and rural route carriers. So a Boston-to-Los Angeles letter might get there faster than even a Boston-to-rural Massachusetts one.

But only a day or two extra. Eight days is way too long. omplain to your local Post Office, so they can check it out.

Oh, and are you sure your addresses are complete & correct? Check here to see the way the Post Office wants each specific address to be written.