Console Wars - 3 way battle

Ok, the way I see it:

PS2 - Shed loads of games available, many crap ones, some very good. Graphics are decent and is plays DVD films
(though no more than adequately).

Xbox - Not many games at the moment, but great graphics and plays DVD films pretty well with the optional remote.

Gamecube - Cheap, small, some nice games, but doesnt play DVD films
It doesnt help me decide. They all seem to have their own plus and minus points. Is it just me or is there no better one?

You may want to take note that the President of Microsoft’s XBox division just bailed from the company the other day. Suppose he knows something we don’t?

(I say PS2, because Sony’s built their rep on quality games and solid support)

Here is an article from a game store owner that explains why the PS2 is (in his opinion) the way to go:
I rather tend to agree . I bought a PS2 and love it.
The rest of the site is amusing reading.

XBOX is in serious trouble. PS2 has a 10 to 1 advantage in worldwide units. XBOX is a complete failure in Japan…which will hurt it’s Japanese developer support.

Gamecube should get a nice bump when Metroid , Zelda, etc. start coming out.

Rumors of an XBOX price drop are around…it just dropped in other markets.

PS2 is definately the way to go

PS2: Tremendous selection of games (they’ve really turned me around since the originan launch). Some of the most practical, dependable controllers in the industry (I’d avoid anything with analog buttons, however). Fully supported. Backwards compatibility with PSX games and peripherals. Well-built system not prone to breakdowns.

X-Box: Good selection of games, but still behind PS2. Questionable durability at best. Space-waster. Some of the worst controllers I’ve ever seen, seemingly designed to “look good” rather than feel right in anyone’s hands. Future support, especially with lagging sales, in doubt.

Gamecube: Not all that great a selection of games. Development hampered by “family” reputation (not as bad as in the SNES days, but this will never completely go away) Controllers could use some improvement, and no decent joystick yet. Uncertain support (esp. regarding peripherals).

I rest my case.

(Oh, and this is just my opinion, of course; go ahead and buy the system you want. I’m not about to start another tiresome fanboyish war here.)

My policy: go where Square goes. It hasn’t steered me wrong yet. :slight_smile:

Go with the PS2 or the Gamecube. The Cube is cheaper and will have Metriod Prime, but the PS2 has a vast library of games already out and has DVD support. Don’t get an Xbox for the reasons already mentioned.

The Cube, I suspect, was “rushed” onto the market…we got a nice initial package put not a lot of followup. I’m enjoying the games I have, but I’ve essentially finished all of them (still have a few hidden things to open up) and the rest of the current selection doesn’t impress me much.

What’s driving me nuts is that so many of these games are available on ALL systems, while others are exclusive to one or more (but NOT all) systems. I.e., I can play Star Wars: Rogue Squadron on GC, but Jedi Starfighter is only available on PS2 and X-Box. “ARGH,” being my response.

I have a PS2, and I’m happy with it. The games are great, and the controller is perfect. However, my friend has an Xbox, and seems to like it. The reason, he says, is the hard drive. No need for memory cards, virtually infinite save capacity, and you can put mp3’s on it and have your own music playing with your games. Even so, I still trust Sony w/ the PS2

Just buy whatever has the games you want. Sports games usually come out for everything, so you can’t really go wrong. Look at what will only be on one system.

I’m really into the X-Box, but I was really disappointed by the lack of games.

I think the Box and the Cube are in the same position right now, not many games; lots of bad ones. So I guess if you want to be secure, get a PS2.

I’m not gonna get rid of my X-Box though, lots of good games should be coming out later this year and early next year. I can’t wait for TJ&E 3. I’m not into those Nintendo games too much. My bro has a PS2, so I have the best of both worlds.
I know its the games that make the difference, but X-Box’s graphics are really noticably superior to both PS2 and GameCube. I found this out by playing Spiderman and Tony Hawk 3 on both systems.

All I have to add I love my Xbox. Being able to play games while listening to your own sound track adds more long term playablity then you’d think. Also I own about nine games and they’re all good ones, with Halo being the best. DOA3 is coming out with a free (w/ the purchase of a magazine) add-on CD for the game. The only way it is possible to use an add-on is because of the hard drive.

I’d follow others advise and get the one that has the games you like. That in the end is what will keep you playing.


Must say I’m tempted by the Xbox. Halo looks great and Grand Prix 4 is coming out in June.

To the person who said the contoller is just designed to look good, I disagree. I tried one in a shop and the controller felt superb. 2 analogue triggers too.

Yeah, about the xbox controls. My 8, 11, and 14 year old daughters play all the games we have, including the control intensive Halo, with little problem. It looks bigger, feels heftier, but I really don’t see what the all the fuss is about.

I, too, give the X-Box thumbs up. People keep harping about the lack of games, but, well… it’s exactly what we said would happen before the 'Box came out.

In fact, the only thing that keeps me from playing X-Box more often is A: I’ve only got a 13" screen to plug it into at the moment, and B: I am still a PC gamer at heart.

But playing Halo over the Internet… woo-wee, that kicks spot-on ass, I tells ya.

I’m just waiting for the first big RPG to hit the 'Box… Morrowind. Soon, so very soon…

I’m leaning towards the GameCube, mainly because I’m a Metroid and Zelda fan. The fact that it doesn’t play DVDs isn’t a big concern for me; if I wanted a DVD player, I’d get a DVD player, not a gaming system.

Well, duh, but what about people who want both?

The X-box looks to be in trouble in Britain too. The price has been cut by £100 just 6 weeks after launch.

I still use my Atari 2600. So there.

Yes the Xbox price in UK has been cut from £300 to £200. But what where they thinking trying to flog it to us at £300 anyway? Do they think we’re idiots? The USA lauch price was £205. £300 is just rediculous.