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I read a book a few years ago called “Why People Believe Weird Things” by Michael Shermer. I was fascinated at the time with this type of stuff because I worked with a guy who was extremely intelligent, but believed in so many completely ridiculous things. His favorite was the “fact” that since humans only use 5% or 10% of their brain or whatever (which is a garbage fact in itself) that the very few people that are able to use the rest of their brain are the people that can read minds and move objects without touching them. I was willing to put up with just another person who thought psychic phenomena was real. The one that really blew my mind that I’d never heard of was this: . Well after recently meeting someone that is positive that all moon landings were faked, my interest is sparked in this stuff again. I’m all for questioning things, but it is quite obvious to me that a lot of people believe and hold onto things like this simply because it’s exciting. I really do wish I believed that the moon landings were an elaborate hoax that resulted in people’s “accidental” deaths because they were likely to blab. That would be incredible!!

Well today I watched and read hours of content online and learned (haha) some craaaazzy shit. I had no idea that the Illuminati do truly exist and use obvious symbols to tell us they do in fact exist. Of course there’s the reverse side of the U.S. seal, but more important are the symbols they show us everyday. Women at large celebrity events in red dresses, The diamond symbol that Jay-Z and Kanye West make with their hands, which is actually a triangle and not a diamond! The illuminati had to off Michael Jackson because a new song he’d recorded called “They Don’t Care About Us” was in reference to them. Hmmm what else…? Oh! Disney is run by the illuminati and place sexual imagery in their movies that only our subconscious pick up on and they trigger thoughts in us at later times. Interesting though that Disney made it’s first movie in the ‘30’s and there’s only like five examples of them using this method. I’d think they’d try a little bit harder. I learned that Google is in the process of creating huge data banks of info on every single one of us and that they are even moving into biochemistry or something of the sort. I even watched (most of) a one hour presentation showing that it was the use of “direct energy” or “high powered microwave” weapons that brought the buildings down on 9-11-01.
Some of the stuff out there I just couldn’t watch. I felt embarrassed for the people that had posted them. Like the guy who does analyses on movies and gives a rundown of the all the symbolism placed in them by the illuminati. He’s always sure to give you at least one slow-mo of the real good stuff just in case it didn’t BLOW YOUR FREAKIN’ MIND the first time around.
Well if anyone has any videos out there that aim to teach the truth to the brainwashed subservient masses, I’d love some links. I just can’t get enough of this stuff. :smiley: Oh and if anyone wants to see any of these gems, let me know and I’ll post 'em for you.

[Killjoy] The Illuminati did exist. Jay-Z and Kanye West use a lot of occult images in their work, including holding their fingers in triangles in front of their eyes, like the eye in the pyramid on the dollar. It’s an old Masonic image and Masons mostly do a lot of charity work and social networking, with very little “take over the world stuff.” Disney has never been subtle in its sexual imagery. The WTC was brought down because raging fires weakened their structure. And using “secret” images is fun. It makes you feel special and smarter than those morons who surround you. [/Killjoy]

The Bad Astronomer wrote an article about the mindset of moon hoaxers and why people believe them (which unfortunately I can’t find a link for right now) – essentially, he hypothesized that it was the end result of how we teach science in our schools. Instead of teaching hands-on experiments, most kids are merely given a set of facts to memorize. This leads to a mindset where people learn to automatically believe any theory told to them by a presumed authority figure: E=MC[sup]2[/sup]? Okay, whatever. The Gravitational Constant? Okay, whatever. We didn’t actually land on the moon? Okay, whatever. :rolleyes:

But I do believe Michael Jackson was intentionally whacked. Why? No reason, except just to have one nutty conspiracy theory to have fun with. :smiley:

Never met a conspiracy theory I didn’t love, except Holocaust Denial, which is just oogy, and I try to keep a pet one for fun. The people on this board killed the JFK assassination one for me, so I’m going with the MLK one. Heard an author interviewed about 20 years ago who claimed there were at least three kill teams in Memphis that night, including Army and CIA. This is why I support the Department of Homeland Security. It is a waste of the taxpayer’s money to have duplication like that.

I’ll add to the Illuminati one. Not only did they exist, but the most of the various proto-socialist revolutionary societies that sprung up through Europe and even in North America either directly descended from the Illuminati or were inspired by the idea of the Illuminati; the Rothschild banking family had various Illuminati clients- including the Prince of Hesse who supplied Britain with the Hessian troops, and various secretive, socialist and internationalist groups today, from the Fabians to the Round Table to the CFR/Trilaterals to Skull&Bones can be seen as legitimate successors to the methods & ideas of the original Illuminati.

That does not mean there is one over-arching centuries-old council that has directed all wars, revolutions, economic cycles, etc. but that there are centuries of competing & collaborating groups that have tried to manage these things for their own wealth & power against the best interests of society as a whole. There is not one Order of Illuminati but many.

Btw, I’ve been reading this stuff for 30 years and only this week did I really find out about the alleged connections between Giuseppe Mazzini’s Young Italy, the Carbonari, Young Europe, Young America, and the Knights of the Golden Circle.

Don’t forget Propaganda Due, which counted Silvio Berlusconi as a member. I had been following the appendices of “Illuminatus” down the rabbit hole when the story broke and had a WTF moment.

OK, the illuminati conspiracy theories that I was watching videos on are completely ridiculous and over the top. Claims that any company logo with a triangle (AOL, Adobe) or something that could look a bit like a pentagram if you were imaginative enough are all run by the illuminati. Someone made a video with snippets from a whole bunch of songs that either use the term “illuminati” or “new world order” in them" and claims that all of these songs are meant to give us clues or hints as to what the near future holds, without giving any type of concrete info at all. It’s just plain fuckin’ goofy.

Oh another one I was watching that’s pretty good is the “evidence” that the Chinese spacewalk last year is a hoax and didn’t actually happen.

I think there’s more to the conspiratorial mindset than just ignorance of science and logic.

For some people, I think it stems from the need to feel like they are as smart as others, that they understand how the world works, that they are just as smart, just as ‘tuned in’ to the ways of the world as people with lots of education.

There are a lot of people who feel completely alienated in today’s world. There are too many technologies they can’t fathom, too much complexity in day-to-day life, too many forces affecting their lives that they can’t hope to understand. Retreating into conspiracy and pseudo-science makes them feel powerful, and makes them feel like the they’re perhaps even smarter than the intellectual and political leaders of their country.

And it’s not just ignorance. There are plenty of very intelligent, highly educated people who believe in crackpot conspiracies.

Pentagrams, eh? Which reminds me, take a close look at the U.S. military’s Medal of Honor – I think it speaks for itself. :wink:

Yep that’s exactly the kind of thing that sopme of these people would label as “proof”.

My current favorite mind-blowing tie-it-all-together website is this one.

They don’t just explain all the conspiracies out there, they give you the tools to combat them. Like the succor thingy.

*"A Succor Punch (“SP”) is the name coined for a quartz crystal that has a mobius coil (also called a caduceus coil) wrapped around it in a special knotting configuration The special knot creates a ‘node’ which enhances the desired action. When you pulse a square wave signal from a squarewave signal generator (I call my 15 Hz squarewave generator the SP Pulser -described below) into the mobius coil, it sets up a chaos field which interacts with the crystal to create scalar waves which can then be programmed with your thoughts. Forces are set in motion both on the third and fourth dimensional levels.

To utilize the SP, you turn it on and hold it over your heart chakra and tell it what you want it to do. If you are a victim of ELF or microwave Psychotronic torture, you instruct the SP to create a perfect shield against any form of harmful energy that is beamed at you from any dimension, which is intended to cause you harm from any sentient being or thought form directing that harmful energy towards you."*

See, the problem with most conspiracy theories is that you get all panicky and stuff if there are no solutions provided. We need concrete protection, like a Succor Punch.

The Reptilians invented the Time Cube to distract us from the fact that Hitler’s Brain in a Jar is using Tesla’s death rays to cause global warming to kill all the white people.


Wanna know why the U.S. invaded Panama? It’s was because Hong Kong was about to go back to the Chinese and international drug billionaires wanted to make sure they had at least one major banking center under their thumb and Noriega was getting to be too much of a maverick so some strings were pulled in the Bush41 administration to take him out and set up a friendly puppet government.
I heard it from a Larouche supporter.

A Larouche supporter? Shit, I made that one up my OWN damn self. Where do I file grievances regarding conspiracy theories?

That Succor Punch thingy is awesome. Are there really people who’d pay hundreds of dollars for a pot scourer, a $5 crystal and some copper wire in a resin mould? Barnum was right.

Reading this quickly, at first I thought you said, “The people on this board killed JFK…”

For a moment there I was worried that you knew too much and we’d have to send someone out to take care of you. False alarm, though. Carry on!

I am definately in the wrong line of business.

I love that this thread has just gone to jokes and shit talking… just like it should. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah yes, ultra-wealthy capitalists have always been the greatest proponents of socialism. :rolleyes: