Conspiracy theories involving the Gov

In the United States A LOT of conspiracy theories circle around the government. Alien conspiracy buffs seem to think that the United States Government is hiding information from the American public.
My question is: Do other countries hold their government in such a state of mistrust? I’m asking specifically in regards to the “ufo craze” but I am interested in learning about other types of mistrusting the government cases…

No – people in other countries, too, blame the U.S. govt. :wink:

Are you kidding? The Middle East is Conspiracy Theory Central. They make the American tinfoil boys look like amateurs. Although the Middle Eastern conspiracy theories are usually not so high tech, they proliferate bodaciously and circulate rapidly. You would have to follow the Arabic tabloid press to have a hope of keeping up with them.

But the mindset of a region like Egypt with 5,000 years of corrupt regimes considers the deviant and crooked as normal when it comes to gaining and holding power. How could anyone assume a simple, logical explanation for events, when it’s so much more natural to assume a conspiracy — rather, multiple interlocking conspiracies — behind everything?

Here’s a story from Iran that illustrates the normal everyday assumptions of the average person. Two chaps make an appointment to meet over a sensitive deal at a given place and time — say, 5:00 pm. The first chap shows up on time, as arranged. The second is nowhere to be found. Later on, the second chap accuses the first chap of trying to trick him by deviously showing up for the appointment on time, knowing full well that no one ever does that.

Sorry to offend our respected, decent Middle Eastern citizens here. I don’t mean to mock or denigrate the culture, which I have great respect for. This is just what I’ve observed after being acquainted with it for a long time.

In a land where civilization goes back several thousand years, over time a lot of shortcuts have developed. Whereas America’s straight-arrow, crewcut ideal is to do everything “by the book,” in an ancient semi-tribal culture deals are made based on who you know, depending on which inner circles you have access to. No inner circle access, no deal. Therefore what an American would call cronyism and quid pro quo are the only way to get things done. On the positive side of this, personal relationships are important in any kind of dealing. You have to spend time with people, get to feel comfortable with them, establish a warm personal bond before getting down to business. To them, the brusque American “just-the-facts-ma’am” attitudes are cold, heartless, depressing. The positive side to the American ideal is to treat all persons equally and impartially (but as we all know in practice, that ideal fails in the application; our CEO/country-club/Skull-&-Bones elite is just as corrupt and cronyist as any Middle Eastern elite, giving rise to no end of American-made conspiracy theories. The Middle Easterners are just more honest about how behind-the-scenes deals are really made. They have millennia more experience at it.)