Contaminated Wheat Gluten in Human Food?

Tainted Wheat Gluten Sold as “Food Grade”

I’ve been worried that the pets were the canaries in the coal mine. Lets hope that this stuff hasn’t gotten into our food.

My fiance, who has a wicked gluten allergy, and has lived without (real) bread, pasta, cookies, cakes, and so on for years, had a nice chuckle at the irony of other people worrying about gluten…until I reminded her about the dead animals…

See this for more info:

This is frightening shit.

If any people get sick or die, hopefully the responsible distributors will be sued into oblivion. Then maybe the remaining companies will smarten up and learn not to import wheat from other countries just to save 5 cents per insert standard unit of wheat here, thus benefitting American wheat farmers in the process.

Welcome to the Wal-Mart economy.

I’ve yet to hear of any human cases of kidney failure that were directly linked to the tainted wheat gluten except for that case in Ottawa (or wherever in northern Ontario), which was the (rather unsettling) result of a woman trying to “trick” her finicky cat into eating some then-unknown-to-be-tainted pet food by eating it herself to prove to her cat that it was good. (O revolting irony!)

I don’t know whether Menu Foods will be suing the distributor (but I’d think they’d have to if they want to recoup the loss of revenue resulting form this mess) but if any human cases crop up involving human food, lawsuits may be the least of this cheap-ass supplier’s problems.