Contemplate THIS!

Hey, thanks! I just found my keys!!

Is my sock in there too??

Is that yours? Yeah, I think it’s in here. Hold on…

Yep. It was draped on this lamp. I’ve been looking for that lamp.

Hahahaha…I’m perfect! I don’t have any.

Smeg, can you find my pet elephant? He seems to be missing.

I’ll have to go with some of the other posters whove said it depends what they’re wearing. It’s usually a shade of whatever color shirt I’m wearing that day.

Well I find that as I get older I seem to get more lint in my navel as each year passes…wonder why that is??? Mine is usually gray to whitish in colour {or void of colour as the case maybe}. Let me ask a question that goes along with forum…Is it only men who are plagued with this weird occurrance of having navel lint or do women acually get lint in there navel also. I think the reason why men get it is because of the navel hair that pulls the lint from the shirt or sweater and then deposits into the belly hole…what do you think?

Tiny greys and blues here. Didn’t Ren and Stimpy have a belly-button lint collection? Specifically Ren?

OK, this was actually done as a semi survey by Dr Karl Kruzelniski (did I get that right?) on JJJ (Australian radio) earlier this year. They got listeners to ring in and tell them what colour navel fluff they had and what colour it was. They also had to tell whether they where hirsute, or just had the snail trail, or nothing. I Remember the results being something like the colour of the lint was determined by the underwear of the user. The fibres would work loose and then work their way up the snail trail to reside in the external stomach cavity (I’m just going to stick to belly button). It didn’t matter too much what colour shirt or pants. But if there was no snail trail then there was no lint. A couple of people actually shaved off their snail trail to prove this.

Dr Karl does the same thing for Australia that Cecil does for America, though the questions he answers are more science based (though only just).

I don’t have any. But if I did I would want it to be purple.

Yeeesssss…but, how do the threads from the jumper/sweater migrate through the T-shirt?

Fluffy? Yeah, he’s here. But I’m keeping him. Hanging around with him makes me look thinner. At least it did once I removed him from my abdomen.