Contemplate THIS!

Believe it or not, I need to know this:

What color is your belly-button lint?
If you want to throw in the amount and consistancy, that would be fine, too. :slight_smile:

I just looked (damn I have a cute belly button!)

Couldn’t find any lint, though.

I usually wear a white T-shirt under my dress shirt or casual shirt, so the lint is mostly a whitish grey. When not cleaned during the day, it is a little ball roughly the size of two peas on top of eacht other.

So, tell me, Slythe. When is the dissertation paper on Belly Button Lint and Colour Schemes due?


Before Arnold Winkelried swoops in here and corrects your use of BB, you might want to switch to ‘navel’ or ‘umbilicus’. Using BB seems to trouble Arnie.

History can be found here.

Don’t you guys talk to each other?
And before someone swoops down on me, I mean this as a joke. See, I’m smiling.

Oh, and my umbilicus cavities contents? Nada now. Surprising. I’ll let the day wear on and get back to you.

None right now because I delintified my navel this morning.
No matter what colour shirt I’m wearing, there seems to be a tinge of blue to my lint. Maybe I’m leaking??!

If Arnold wants to put in his two cents about “navel” intelligence, he’s welcome. :slight_smile:
The lovely Rhane says that her’s comes out blue more often than not, though occasionally it’ll be yellow.

I have no belly button lint, and in fact, almost never do. Science has not yet been able to explain this phenomenom.

Whenever I have any, it’s denim blue.:slight_smile:

Honey… it’s “phenomenon” and yes, there is yet no explanation for your lack of naval lint.

Hmmm… seems that I don’t have any either. Maybe it’s something in the air here.

We will have to observe each other’s navels more regularly… there has to be a scientific explanation.

Absolutely none, none at all. Perhaps the bottlebrush I use to clean it might have some remnants, but I’m at work.

Mine’s usually a bluish color too. Sometimes white.

Grey. Always grey. If only it were blue… <sigh>

Mine has individual entities of blue, white, and grey. I also usually have a daily collection of ass-crack lint, which is more often than not much more blue.

Why do I always have to apologize at the end of my posts?

From Conner-

I also usually have a daily collection of ass-crack lint, which is more often than not much more blue.**

You know, come to think of it, so do I. Mine tends to be blue too. Go figure.

New band name : Blue Ass-Crack Lint
FWIW, my belly button lint is usually white, sometimes pale blue.

I LOVE YOU GUYS :smiley:

BWAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA… Sorry. I guess I’m easily amused, huh? :wink:

I’m wondering if some chemical in the belly button causes the “bluing” agent in a bleached shirt to come out. Blue seems like an unusual color to predominate.

Hmmm. My belly-button lint is always the colour of the sweater/jumper I’ve been wearing that day. Yet, it’s never the colour of the undershirt I’ve been wearing. Now how does that happen?

It might be because your t-shirt is made of a tightly woven material that doesn’t release much thread, while your sweater is more loosely woven, releasing threads more easily.