Where does Belly button lint come from?

Cecil: Your navel is one of the few places on your body where perspiration has a chance to accumulate before evaporating. Lint from your clothing, cottons especially, adheres to the wet area and remains after the moisture departs.

How does do much lint come to be concentrated in the one place? Wouldn’t a very sweaty man have all-over-body-lint? Hows this:

A study was conducted in Australia, wherein a man who frequently pulls belly button lint from his belly button shaved the hairs from aroung his belly in a 10cm radius from the belly button, and did not suffer this terrible affliction again for a week or so. The small hairs on your stomach channel the lint into your belly button through the static electricity that is playing around them. What I want to know, is why is belly button lint ALWAYS blue?

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The study, conducted by Sydney University physicist Karl Kruszelnicki.


No word on why it’s blue.

Here’s a link to Dr. Karl’s report: The Bellybutton Lint Survey Results

Have you ever looked at the lint in your dryer trap? Except for doing a load of all whites, the lint almost always looks some shade of blue.

Our lint is pink.

You must wash a lot of reds.

Not really. That which isn’t white is predominantly my brown socks.