Contest where winner gets a lifetime supply of (whatever). Fiction, UL or true?

Did contest prize shows past or present ever really promise a “lifetime supply” of some product to the winner as a prize? If so, is this some “all at once” trailer load of product, or does the person get to keep coming back to the well when they need or want more?

Usually in the fine print you’ll see something like “52 coupons for product x (MSRP x$) annually. Guaranteed value of (x$)” Which means if you kick off prior to receiving the guaranteed value your estate gets the remainder.

I remember seeing a documentary on games shows. It said virtually all of them offered cash equivelent of prizes. Most all people took the cash.

ciscochick is correct. Instead of saying “a lifetime supply of product X” they should say “a supply of product X for a lifetime” - a big difference. At an annual function I attend one of the door prizes is always “eat free at X restaurant for one year”. The actual prize consists of 52 coupons, each for an amount that may or may not pay for a full meal for one person.

What about the Aiplane Miles and the Pudding. As Adam Sandler’s character did in Punch Drunk love. Wasn’t this ‘true’ ?

That one is indeed true, Meeko. A guy sent in a whole bunch of pudding lids, and received 1.25 million frequent flier miles. Far more than your average human could use in a lifetime, I think.