Worst Game Show Prizes!

They no longer show the old versions of Let’s Make A Deal, but I used to love watching them now with people leaping for joy at winning orange shag carpeting, fridge and oven in lovely avocado colors, 23" color TV (without remote), 8 track cassette recorders, pocket calculators and other technological wonders of the day.

Got me to thinking - how about creating the world’s worst game show prizes today!
A round trip flight and six night stay in a 3 star hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan!

The complete set of blu-ray DVD’s of the best of Pauly Shore films!

100 pounds of Velveeta Cheese!

“A NEW CAR[sub]cinogen.[/sub]”

The original Let’s Make a Deal used to sometimes draw back Curtain Number 3 or whatever and reveal a live lion or an orangutan or whatever.
While I’m pretty sure that nobody ever left with an actual lion or orangutan in their car, I did wonder if they could sue for the value of the animal. Those things have got to be worth at least in the thousands I’d think.

In any case, my answer is

A live orangutan.

A camping trip to Detroit.

Gary Busey is your houseguest for 3 days.

All the bananas you can carry.

A lifetime supply of Circus Peanuts!

They used goats too. I think that would be a great prize because I love goats.

Snap E Tom Tomato Cocktail

Remember how Wheel of Fortune winners used to have to go “shopping” with the value of their winnings, and there would always be something like a ceramic Dalmation for twenty-five bucks? You were almost guaranteed to get stuck with it.

I don’t remember the ceramic dalmatian but I do remember the shopping. :slight_smile:

It was the best part of the show.

ETA: The shopping, not the figurative (or literal - what do I know?) ceramic dalmation.

I’d say a brand new Toy Yoda…but it’s been done.

How about a date with Bob Filner.

I came here to post exactly this!

The Nothing But Furniture showcases on The Price is Right?

I mean, they may not be bad on their own, but as part of the big climax of the show, they were inevitably disappointing.

Yep, a ceramic Dalmatian or elephant, and some meager amount on a gift certificate to Van Cleef and Arpels, which is about as useless as giving someone a $50 gift card to the local Ferrari dealership.

My favorite joke was that first prize was a week in Bakersfield, California. The second place winner gets TWO weeks in Bakersfield.

I was just going to mention that! I do remember the giraffe statues, too.

“I have $150 left, guess I have to take it…”

And the Pinseeker golf clubs for $1000, which were so laughably overpriced that I would always just shake my head.

A cameo role in Lindsay Lohan’s new movie!

The British version of those prizes. Fast forward to 47:00 to preserve sanity.

First Prize: Five free dancing lessons with Mr. Smoot, the world’s foremost ballroom dancing instructor/trained ape.

Second Prize: Ten free dancing lessons with Mr. Smoot.

Asked and answered on the SDMB.