context of the snarling Dick Cheney photo?

This one, of course.

Always shown to illustrate his inner self, which I won’t gainsay, but does anyone know what he was specifically saying when the photo was taken?

I don’t, but it looks like a split-second capture that happens to look like a snarl more than something he was really feeling.

Looks like it’s from 2004 or earlier.
Here is a cartoon rendition of the picture, dated September 15, 2004.

Cheney always looks like he had a snarl or sneer on his face; his upper lip has a rather pronounced curve to it. The first page of Google’s image search has a few examples.

Take a lot of pictures of anyone talking and you are bound to find plenty that make them look evil, like a buffoon, etc. Your make some really weird faces while talking that nobody notices because its in the middle of another motion.

Or heck, it coulda been just after a sneeze.

Doesn’t help that he’s kinda got the ‘get off my lawn’ looks about him, though.