What's the Origin of This McCain Photo?

See here. He’s obviously got a rather pained smile on his face, and Cindy looks none too happy. I’m presuming that it was taken at a press conference, but when, and why he should have that look on his face escapes me. Anyone know?

I think the cartoon ballon says “It’s gonna be harder trading up for a younger wife when this one owns all seven of our houses”.

I think it’s just one of those examples where the camera captures a single instant that might not actually reflect how McCain looked at the time. The thing about photography is that it can, because it is so quick, capture expressions that we would never notice in person.

I don’t think McCain looks especially odd, and his wife just looks serious.

Looks like he is straining to hear a question from the audience.

John just has a goofy expression on his face, but Cindy looks freaky as hell. Reminds me of this Onion video