Is McCain seriously losing it?

This is scary!

I bet I’m going to get really slated for taking such a cheap shot at an old man, and a 5 year POW at that. Never mind, here’s my chin.

~snort~ That’s pretty funny.

I thought so too! :smiley: This ain’t bad either!

Doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?

Mercy, mercy! No more, please! :smiley:


Senator McCain just wants to know when it will all end.

How do you know when McCain is Done?

Et tu Sarah?

Worst Case Scenario if McCain becomes Prez! :eek:

Off to MPSIMS.

Okay, those are all giggleworthy. I think we need a comprehensive list of these.

What exactly led to that face/pose happening?

At the end of the last debate, when the candidates got up to leave, McCain started to walk the wrong way around the table, caught himself, and did a kind of “Oops, I’m a doofus” mini-dance. That would be what is pictured in that photo.

ETA: about 4:25 of this video.

You’ll need this then. Enjoy. :slight_smile:
I thought this was good.

If I ever run for president, I’ll have to remember to have my face replaced with a concrete casting. One millisecond of funny-face and you’re screwed.

Not surprisingly, there was at least one Fark thread about this. My favorite photoshop (seems so obvious after seeing it): link

I was also partial to these two lolcat treatments.

[cranky]Strange, this board never usually likes this type of puerile humor. The election does weird things to people[/cranky].

With that said, I did giggle at a few of them.

Ha ha, I have the original of the Thorazine ad stuck on my wall!

Yep, McCain is losing it, and it’s rubbing off on Palin, who apparently needs a refresher in zoology.