Continue the World Bank trend

Paul Wolfowitz is the outgoing President of the World Bank. His predecessor was James Wolfensohn.

I know a trend when I see one, so my nomination for the next President of the World Bank is Steven Wolfram.

Add your nominations, please. Since this is MPSIMS, let’s not limit ourselves to Americans, living persons, or real people. :smiley:

I nominate Nero Wolfe. Come on, a true gumshoe running the joint – that would be awesome. Plus, it’s just a cool name.

Wolf Blitzer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Edward G Robinson, The Sea Wolf

Wolfgang Puck

Wolf J. Flywheel?

Wolfgang Peterson would be a thriller of a choice.

Grandma (The big bad wolf)

Winston Wolfe

Now this man. He’d get some shit done.

That should be someone’s campaign slogan, I tell ya.

Howlin’ Wolf
Wolfgang Wolf
An actual wolf

Or we could go down the Doper route and choose Ice Wolf or Harborwolf or wolf_meister. Hopefully one of them will implement some SD-friendly policies and/or be easily manipulated by Dopers.

Tom Wolfe
Wolfman Jack
Edward Wolfgang Munster
Count Wolfgang “Taffy” von Tripps

I think it’s gonna be some random lawyer. Possibly from this firm.

Beowulf, of course.

Any Wolf will do, so long as Fox approves.

Wulfgar, son of Beornegar.

The Big Bad Wolf.

Some random guy from Wolfen.


Lupe Fiasco.

(ETA: Kinda descriptive of Wolfowitz’s tenure…)

Okay, if we get to use foreign words for wolf I submit Peter Lupus

Musically we could nominate Steppenwolf. :smiley:
ETA: Damn preceeded by Mozart again.