Contraband: New Mark Wahlberg Film

We went to see this yesterday and somewhat surprised to see so many people in the theater.

We just wanted to see a movie, and this one looked like a nice way to spend some time while sharing a tub of popcorn and slurping on that huge Diet Coke (hey, Diet Coke tastes better than regular, so leave me alone…)

It wasn’t a horrible film, and actually kind of liked it for what it was!
It was more of a caper film than just run around and shoot-em-up, as I had assumed when going into the theater. Wahlberg plays an ex-smuggler who has some excellent skills when it comes to smuggling items into the US - not so much drugs, but other stuff.
He is forced back into the business to help out his idiot brother-in-law and has to make a score to pay off the bad guys.
What does he smuggle?
How does he get it into the US?
What else does he do?

If you like the TV show “Leverage”, or the old version of Mission Impossible on TV, then you will probably like the set up and pay off in this film.

Again, I think it is safe to say there will be no Oscar nominations for this film, but if you just want a smarter-than-average action film with some sly sleight of hand, you will probably like this. No need to rush off to the theater to see it, but worth checking out on cable or DVD later.

Oh, and quite a few small nitpicks here and there, but I will wait until others see it before going there.

Thanks for posting that. I’m not a big fan of Mr. Wahlberg (he can be okay, tho… he was good in Boogie Nights and Three Kings, for instance), but I like caper movies, so this was on my radar.

Glad to know it was a total suckfest.

Assume that was a typo and you meant to say it wasn’t a total suckfest, as it wasn’t.

And yes, a decent caper with other elements.


Yes, that was a typo.


Zoid, I have no idea what you are talking about or where the quote came from, but glad it was lots of laughs…

So, zoid’s new catchphrase is to quote himself complaining about Snowboarder Bo’s phrase?

Wow, meta-catchy.

Well it seemed like some kind of copyright thing to quote someone else. I’m not up on that stuff, sorry.

Zoid, whatever point you’re trying to make, this thread isn’t the place to make it. Either go to one of the active threads on Snowboarder Bo (you have your choice of ATMB or the Pit) or start a new one if necessary. Don’t hijack this thread.


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No argument.
Warning understood.