Help Me ID This Peter Falk Movie

I saw it on cable-it was about a mafia guy (Peter Falk) who gets in trouble with his bosses. Meanwhile, an underling (played by Roy Schneider) hatches a plan to rob the Mob’s casino in Las Vegas-he plants bombs in the casino, then comes to the scene dressed as a fire captain (he robs the casino of $2 million)…but he doesn’t get away with it.
The film was made by an Italian company- I could not find it on the IMDB.

Machine Gun McCain?

IMDB common cast turns up nothing (the above link either doesn’t have Scheider or he’s uncredited. Note: Roy Scheider, not Schneider.) I haven’t seen it, but who plays the equivalent role?

John Cassavetes. I could see someone confusing the two.

From a customer review on Amazon

Unfortunately, McCain, played with a typical bad-taste-in-his-mouth sneer and smoke-in-his-eyes half-squint by Cassavettes, simply isn’t an interesting enough bastard to overcome his callous indifference to violence - he’s the kind of man who’ll smile at a hatcheck girl while planting a diversionary bomb that could kill her and who registers no emotion when those supposedly closest to him are killed until the unconvincing ending

This sounds like a likely candidate.

And from an online review:

“Hank uses bombs and a fireman disguise to successfully rob the casino of $2 million dollars”

We have confirmation.

Thanks for the replies…the movie was shown on an odd cable channel my brother gets. So it was John Cassavettes, and not Roy Scheider.