contract problems


I currently live in on campus housing with three other people. In December we got the new contract for the next term, and everyone had to sign it and note whether or not they planned to renew. One of the girls decided not to sign on again because she was no longer friends with us, and she’d found new people to live with. We filled the empty spot and turned in the form, but the people that were going to let the girl move in changed their minds.

Since she now had no place to live next year, she went down to the housing office and told them that she never signed the contract and that we forged her name. The people at housing sent us an email saying that we are now in danger of losing the apartment and we have to meet with them on Friday. We obviously have no proof that she signed the contract so it is our word against hers so I am very nervous and upset about this. Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves? Has anyone ever been in a similar situation?


Who is “we”?

Filled what empty spot?

What was it filled with?

Why was it so filled?

Does the agreement obligate you to a new lease term?

You have no proof that who signed the contract?

Sheesh, this really sucks.

Is there any way for you to contact the people who were going to take her in and get them to state to the housing people her intentions of moving out from your place?

hey omega:
do two things:

  1. dig up a copy of her signature for comparison purposes;
  2. force her to tell her story to the dean with you and your other roommate sitting there.

When it comes to signatures it can really be a “her word vs. mine” kind of thing. Since its two to one and because it wouldn’t be too difficult to get the other potential roommates to indicate that they didn’t want her either, you will have no problems.

cj - warning - While I am a lawyer, this is not legal advice, just a bit of friendly advice. If it gets ugly, talk to a lawyer in person.

good luck.