Contractors Dynamite Mountains, Bulldoze Desert In Race To Build Trump's Border Wall

I think politics is where this goes –

This is destruction for the sake of destruction. Some of the damage will be irreparable.

(I suppose some of it is destruction for the sake of a paycheck. That doesn’t reduce the damage, though.)

Nope. This is destruction for the sake of pandering to his base. And he, along with his base, don’t give a hoot about the damage.

Technically, some of that dirt and ecosystem was once Mexican.

Technically, that means some of it was drugs … rapists … I forget the rest.


It’s this. As much as they can, as fast as they can, while they still can.

Had he acted with this much urgency 4 years ago, he might today have actually come through with a campaign promise.
He knows he’s on the way out, and knows the clock is ticking. A man might use this time to welcome and work with the incoming team. Trump, well, he’s no man.

Part of the construction involves cutting roads into inaccessible areas, so I expect the roads to be used by coyotes for bringing in migrants, which would be sort of ironic, wouldn’t it?