Contributors wanted (F/SF)

Hi all -

I’ve totally redesigned my domain, which is undergoing expansion over the next couple of months - concentrating on building a large general F/SF section, and also Historical resources.

I’m looking to see whether anyone here would be remotely interested in contributing anything - I’m thinking perhaps of book and film reviews, and general commentaries, for the F/SF section - as well as short articles on ancient and mediaeval history.

I’m also interested in using original fiction - but only where a conflict over electronic rights will not occur.

If you are at all interested, more details;action=display;threadid=213;start=0]here.


Bah! Humbug with the link:



Absolutely no one here into fantasy or sci-fi??

If you’d like to see the new site design then it’s here:


The new F/SF and History sections will be based on the layout, but likely with a slight variant on the colour scheme.

But take a look. And feel free to offer criticisms if you’d like to - actually quite welcome.


Messed up on the URL again!

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