Amateur fantasy fiction sites

My 14-year old son is quite a fan of fantasy fiction. I know Legends of the Drow, and lately he has been in some other series. The fantasy/SF genres are not my bailiwick. He is also a huge Star Trek/Star Wars freak, big fan of BTVS, a D&D DM, etc. ad infinitum.

He has recently begun writing his own stories, and claims to want to publish them. He gave me the first 2 pages of a story yesterday and, to my untrained eyes, it seemed pretty good. Not perfectly written, but seemed to set up an interesting setting of vampires versus some other species. I would really like to encourage this creative process…

But in my ignorance, I wondered if it was derivative of other stuff he may have read. I remember when he was writing some space stories, I could easily see Starship Trooper and Ender influences.

Do you know of any sites where people can post their amateur fantasy fiction for sharing and comment? Preferably, I would like something that was - um - no more than R-rated in terms of content and commentary as he is only in 8th grade.

Alternatively, would you guys like to see what he’s got and comment? (Right now I only have a hard copy, but I could toss up an electronic version tonight.)

I recommend he check out She has a strong fantasy writer community, and she’s a bestselling author who has plenty of sensible advice. He should also check out the Forgotten Realms novel board on the Wizards of the Coast message board (, under Forgotten Realms).

I just thought of something and found the site for it. Have your son consider trying