Publishing teenager's fiction story

My 14 year old son is taking a creative writing course and just completed his first assignment. They had to write a fictional story of their choosing, 5 to 30 pages long. He wrote a post-apocalyptic zombie story that was, IMHO as his father, kick ass. He had to have peer reviews and everyone loved it. His teacher thought it was creative and well written and even liked the fact that he left it open enough that there could be a sequel and she gave him an A+.
My son had such a great time writing the story and has a very creative turn of phrase that is well beyond his years. He would like to find a place to submit his story and possibly more as time goes on.
Can anyone recommend a place he can send his work? Are there publishers that deal with fiction written by teens? How about magazines or periodicals? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I want to really encourage him to keep developing his talent and hope he can find some success.

Get a copy of Writer’s Market and spend a few hours thumbing through it with an emphasis on magazines that publish short works of fiction. My daughter (now 18) has had several articles and stories published thanks to that book.

However, I should warn you: Getting published is not easy. My daughter received dozens of rejections (and still does); being a struggling writer is a quick way to stick a needle into his Self-Esteem Balloon.

Good writing is good writing, and if it’s good enough, he can get it published the same places as the rest of us. There are a couple of 14-year-old writers on the Absolute Write boards, one of whom just mentioned a recent personalized rejection she got (that’s great news for her, because she’s attracting enough notice from an agent for them to take the time to write something instead of just sending a form rejection). Agent Rachel Vater just posted a query on her blog from a 14-year-old that wasn’t bad either (She’s running a query workshop and asked for submissions;

For a place to look for short story publications, try Just remember: if anyone asks for money (or is named PublishAmerica), run far away. If you just want to see it in print, you can use, but they’re a printer, not a publisher.

Fixed link for Rachel Vater’s blog:

Thank you all for the suggestions. He knows that there would be countless rejections but is willing to try it. I’ve told him to never give up and keep writing the stuff he likes. As he matures he will get better and his style will improve, but right now it’s important for him to keep doing it. Since it is something he loves I don’t think that should be a problem.