Controlling one's destiny in prison

Hey, I’m a little guy but I have tapped into a startlingly vicious streak from time to time so I may be able to pull this off:

Let’s say Inigo makes a very timely stock market trade…or better yet, looses his mind and deliberately buries a jay walker under his mighty 1983 Toyota Corolla and ends up in The Big House.

Knowing my luck I could expect unsolicited offers of prison love more than periodically due to my size and obvious lack of toughness in demeanor, so how likely would I be to get left alone if I just, I dunno, lunge at someone’s throat and bite down and hold on for all I’m worth until he expires or I am otherwise extracted? Would such an outburst paint me as a target? a little freak who should just be left alone? Or would I be better off chanting “invisible” to myself?

Even the hardest of criminals are not stupid have a sense of self-preservation. They are smart enough to realize that forcibly raping someone makes a very dangerous enemy; someone who may want to kill you so bad they will have no regard for the consequences. In a closed society like a prison, anyone who goes around collecting such enemies is soon going to run against the odds and end up dead.

So despite what you hear, most sex in prison is coercive not forcible. You’ll almost certainly be a target for extortion, threats, theft, intimidation, beatings, and what could euphemistically be described as “unwelcome sexual advances”. The other prisoners are going to sound you out to see how easily you can be victimized. The more that you give, the more that will be taken. Lay low, indicate that you’re willing to defend yourself, watch your back, and you’ll probably survive “intact” as attention passes on to easier prey.

Well I had a good friend go to jail here in TX. and he said that as soon as they put him in gen. pop. he had to fight one guy for what they called a “Heart check” which basically means that if you fight your not “targeted”, but if you don’t then you have to pay for “protection”.

According to this thread started by a prison guard

“An older convict told me that if you’re ready to fight some when you’re new, then you’ll pretty much get left alone. But if you give it up once, then fighting won’t help you later. They know you gave in once, you’ll give in again.”