Controversial Death Pool Proposal

I would understand if this gets shouted down.
I propose that, due the amount of death attributed to Covid-19 this(and probably next) year, we skip having a Death Pool next year. I think that celebrating death should have a one-year hiatus.

I disagree. I’d prefer to keep the game going. But I’m morbid like that

I don’t think death is any more traumatizing now than it’s been in the past. I vote no.

No way. I respect the feeling, but we should do it anyway.

The number of celebrities who have been brought down by COVID is pretty negligible. And will be even more so in the coming year, if a vaccine (God willing) is rolled out.

That may be the only way I score points in this pool. I vote we keep it going.

I’ve forgotten to get my entry in the last couple of years, but I was a steady player for a while, and played for years at Fathom (and won). I vote to keep it going.

If you want, you could have a rule that no one known to be infected with COVID as of 30-12-2020 can be chosen.



I guess I’m alone in being “deathed out” due to Covid-19 and the idiocy that allowed it to thrive. It is just that I have lost too many friends, family and acquaintances to feel comfortable playing the game, so I’m bowing out for the next one.

Totally respected and no issue. Understand entirely.

Nah, we should still do it. Rush Limbaugh needs to live just about another month and a half. Then I need to add him to my 2021 pool.

I respectfully disagree with the OP on the basis that the primary purpose of the death pool for a lot of players is to list one’s heroes in the hope this will keep them alive for another year. And should that unfortunately not be the case, to celebrate their achievements and remember them fondly.

Conversely, there are some players who pick a list of people they hate, so that they can be delighted if they score points.

I must admit I’m not keen on the strategy of trawling celebrity news websites for reports of who might have cancer, but I don’t have any problem with players who choose to do so.

I don’t think any of the above makes light of friends and family who have died, this year or any other.

Well, you can probably guess where I stand on this, lol;

And my beloved sister died less than two months ago… She lives on in the organs she donated, and is now in the joy of Heaven.

I always felt if I was a qualified celebrity, especially if I was very old, I’d be flattered someone remembered me still.

My list this year is going to be aged people whose names I want to put out there, as they deserve a last bit of fame.

I came in here to say all this and you beat me to it.
I do understand if people don’t feel good about playing but I also understand if some of us want to play. Keep it going, Baker! We need a big dose of irreverence and bad taste to get through this pandamnit.

Also one who plays with a huge amount of respect for the people on my list. Remembering and honouring someone is the value I see in the death pool.
And I have shared before, but my first encounter with the idea of a death list was from my mum when she was on her death bed.
She talked about

  1. that poor girl (Terri Scaivo (died Mar 31, 2005))
  2. that stubborn old man (Pope John Paul II (died Apr 2, 2005) (note: my mum was excommunicated when she married my dad (a divorced protestant) in 1958))
  3. the prince (Prince Ranier of Monaco (died Apr 6, 2005))
  4. her (died Apr 2, 2005 … after Pope JPII)
    I feel like she would approve of me playing this game.

To me the death pool is not about celebrating death. It is more about dealing with death, which comes to us all. It is looking at death from a safe distance, and thumbing our noses at it.