The SDMB Celebrity Death Pool has lost its entertainment value

For me, at least. I’m wondering if I am alone in this.

I still open the thread on occasion, but now it just saddens me. Up until COVID I was a fairly enthusiastic player.

I considered posting this in the Death Pool thread itself but re-considered, wondering if that would be a threadshit.

Anyone else feeling this way?

Well, yeah, I don’t want to predict that someone is going to die from Covid-19.

But the big thing, was I really didn’t care to see any April Fools jokes. I usually enjoy those, but I just wasn’t in the mood.

To be frank, if you found it entertaining before you were not a good person. On the other hand, most of the people that COVID will kill aren’t worth many points. :wink:

Moved to the Game Room.

Quarantine Zone Moderator

I would point out that the picks for this year’s thread were made before the pandemic began, so no one was predicting that anyone would die of COVID.

Also, while a number of COVID deaths have been listed in the thread, I am not sure that anyone had actually picked any of them.

It would make for an interesting themed list for next year.

“Celebrities who caught Covid-19 and survived.”

I think I might just do that.

ETA: That’s assuming we’ve actually ended the pandemic by then, which is likely. fingers crossed

Evidently I am not a good person. And that has not changed. Sorry.

Thanks for your ruling Your Honor.

I still check daily, perhaps for the morbidity of “wondering if someone got a COVID19 pick”.

Was wondering if we should start a separate pandemic pool?

Nope, but then considering I’m the DeathMistress that’s not surprising. Thanks for NOT posting it in the thread. Do you want me to take out your picks from consideration?

“Let’s speculate who dies next!” seems like a stupid, boring, and depressing activity regardless of current circumstances. I don’t understand the appeal. Do you feel smart or accomplished if you pick correctly?

Edit: I don’t think this is threadshitting. I never go to the actual celebrity death prediction threads and say something like this. I only say something like this because someone is talking about how the activity turned sour because of the reason people are dying, and I’m baffled as to why it was wholesome when people were dying of cancer or car accidents instead of COVID.

I never cared for those threads but not because of any kind of morality, I just find the idea extremely boring.

Eh, celebrating death is something that only psychopaths do.

But joking about death is something that humans do. As Madeline L’Engel once said, sometimes the only way to deal with something deathly serious is to take it a little lightly.

It seems to me that the Death Pool falls into the latter category.

Between being a cop and being a soldier I’m guessing I’ve seen (and smelled) more death than 97.6% of the people here. It’s not just something I read about on the internet and it’s something I deal with everyday, not just over the last month. I like the thread and the dark humor it provides. Don’t like it, don’t read it. If it’s something you normally enjoyed and are feeling down about it now just step away and concentrate on things that make you feel good.

I have no dog in this fight. I don’t participate in the Death Pool, but don’t find it particularly offensive either.

I have noticed, however, that people tend to post the death of any minor celebrity in the thread, regardless of whether anyone picked them or not. Only a minority turn out to have been picks. I suppose people have the intention of alerting others who might have them on their list, but it results in the thread constantly being bumped pointlessly. It simply becomes a death notice thread for any “celebrity,” no matter how obscure.

I would suggest that it might be better to search the thread first to see if the individual was on anyone’s list, regardless of whether the death was due to coronavirus or not, and only post it if someone had picked them. This shouldn’t take significant effort.

This is simply my personal opinion, not my opinion as a moderator.

That’s been the purpose of the thread from the beginning. It’s kind of a hybrid thread that could be in several different forums. People post about deaths knowing very well that no one picked them. Been that way for however long it’s been an annual event. Personally I would hope it doesn’t change. Also speaking as a poster since I don’t mod that forum.

I think maybe the people who don’t post in the threads don’t exactly get the “tone”. Maybe they ought to read it for a while to see that it’s not offensive or awful or pointless or whatever. Or maybe it is all those things; maybe just leave it to us sickos and don’t worry about it?

I like my dark humor and never even bothered forming an opinion about people who death pool. But there’s a thread about how deadly do you think covid-19 will be. A couple of death poolers came in to specifically say “this is worse than death pool”. That is pretty weird.