Controversial encounters between law-enforcement and civilians - the omnibus thread #2

Cops are a far greater threat to health and liberty of society than narcotics.

More from Honolulu:

Another Honolulu case:

Portland, Oregon: it was just a push, a gentle nudge.

O.K., I understand it was an accident. But I am wondering what would happen to me if I were to accidently run over someone. At the very least I’m sure I would be charged with involuntary manslaughter. It will be interesting to see if this officer is charged with anything.

This is why cops hate bodycams. They just can’t shoot people and then make up a reason anymore.

Prosecutors said body camera footage contradicted the officers’ claims that the teen had tried to drive into them and that they were protecting nearby pedestrians

A black man in Tennessee called 911 because a 14 year old girl, driving a car without a license, crashed into a building. They arrested him.

An off duty cop was arrested and has resigned after he pulled a gun on a civilian during a road rage incident.

See photo:

It’s hard to see how she didn’t see him.

Bakersfield, CA:


This is the coppiest cop story summary of all time.

Yeah, holy shit! The article is worse – the sergeant tried to get the parents to press charges against the man. They refused (probably because they knew their daughter had fucked up), so the sergeant pressed charges anyway and the man went to jail. He didn’t even get all his possessions back. The cops searched his car without his permission, and didn’t search the car of the 14-year old driver. Fucking bullshit.


In all 31 cases involving broken bones, the Bakersfield Police Department determined that none of the officers involved violated departmental policy.

This “departmental policy” shit.
IMO that’s the bottom line of nearly all of the crap that LEOs get away with. “Departmental policy” is specifically written to cover their asses.
It’s infuriating.

Bye bye, don’t let the door hit you in the go fuck yourself.

(Naturally this is just an add-on status, the cops stay as cops, it’s purely symbolic.)

Pakistani cops learning to do it American Style!

Extorting free stuff and RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!!! if the don’t comply.

Here’s a fairly long article detailing how Australia does not have a free press (the police arrest journalists, there are secret trials, etc.):

Some interesting courtroom maneuvers in Wisconsin:

Respect my AUTHORITAH!!!

Teen who had done nothing wrong but wear darker skin deemed ‘suspicious’, therefore criminal. Teen had more right to be there than the cop.

One that worked out OK.

In a bad situation, cops acted with professionalism.
“It seems like this is a ‘Let’s get the police to mess with him’ thing because now they’re not even answering their phone,” an officer said in the video.

The officers then removed the handcuffs from Bomar and let him go.

“I’m sorry for the misunderstanding,” one of the officers told Bomar, shaking the man’s hand. “I hope your day gets better. I apologize.”

I hope the 911 caller get’s his ass handed to him.