Controversial encounters between law-enforcement and civilians - the omnibus thread #2

A black man had a stroke and sat basically unconscious in his car for two hours on the side of the roads. Boston cops encountered him and immediately jumped to the conclusion that he was drunk. They took him to jail, where he fell and banged his head, and was left lying in his cell without treatment. After five hours, he was taken to a hospital, which also assumed that he was drunk. It was only after his wife tracked him down did the hospital even bother to check that he had no alcohol in his system. Between the head injury and the stroke, he had to undergo rehab, and is still recovering. The city paid out almost $2 million, but the police have not issued an apology, nor disciplined the cops involved.

Cripes, you’d think a reporter and an editor would have caught that.

Oh, they did; mea culpa:

So…in 2020 COVID-19 killed more police officers than all other causes combined.

But…police unions across the nation are fighting against vaccinations.

Chicago cop threatens Chicago:

Catanzara suggested that if the city does enforce its requirement and many union members refuse to comply with it, “It’s safe to say that the city of Chicago will have a police force at 50% or less for this weekend coming up.”

And I say, let it happen, and hire new cops. I am willing to wager (with Monopoly money) that there’s a substantial correlation between the number of “I ain’t gettin no vaccine” cops and thug cops who terrorize people. I bet they solve their problems if they just let the nutters leave.

Perhaps the body camera was not pointing at the incident but nonetheless picked up the audio?

can be heard on a body camera saying that she pleaded with Smith

suggests that the audio was not contemporaneous with the incident and may have been picked up by an officer not even on the scene when it occurred.

Here’s one from the “What The Fuck???” files:

A police statement said an assessment by the Madison County coroner found no signs of foul play or trauma, but an autopsy and toxicology analysis would be conducted this week to determine what killed Christina Nance, news outlets reported.

An officer walking to a police car found Nance’s body in an old, unused Huntsville Police Department van parked outside the Huntsville Public Safety Complex on Thursday.

“We really don’t know how our relative’s body was found inside a police van on police property and we need some justice,” said Matthews, a cousin of Nance. “We need some clarity and Christina cannot speak for herself.”

A police statement said a state medical examiner will determine a cause of death after tests and reviews that could take several months.

How could it have picked up audio when the camera wasn’t there to be pick anything up?

The point is that they say there is no recording of the incident, yet at the same time saying there is a recording that corroborates their version of what happened.

Schrodinger’s Recording.

The article quoted says

and authorities have said there was no body camera video of the incident.

That doesn’t rule out somebody ‘leaving the lens cap on’.

Um, no… The recording is of her recalling what she did at the incident. She is not recorded pleading with Smith, she is recorder saying that she had pleaded.

So, I guess they KNOW how to turn on a body cam. They just need training on WHEN to turn it on.

The bodycams need to have a prox sensor that can tell when the officer is not in the police car and be on, v+a, all that time.

A black woman was assaulted by a couple of teenage boys and beaten. She was only saved because a family friend stepped in and broke it up. As she was walking home, a cop car pulled up beside her and told her to stop so the cop could talk to her. She said she had just been beaten and just wanted to get home. the cop got out of his car, grabbed her, and slammed her head into the pavement, ripping her braids out of her scalp in the process.
The woman, who is 4 foot 8, was taken to a hospital. After she left, her sister arrived to the scene, and the cop who beat the woman tried to her her sister to have her mentally committed.
In the following days, the cop drove past her family’s homes, apparently with intentions of intimidating them.

Maybe someday we can have a Non-Controversial Encounters Between Law-Enforcement and Civilians thread; ya know, for stories like this:

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