Controversial encounters between law-enforcement and civilians - the omnibus thread #2

Generally speaking, courts tend to seek to elevate the testimony of officers above that of ordinary other witnesses because they are the whitehats. A rational person who is paying attention to reality may be skeptical, but the police are working for us’ns, so they are to be trusted more than the blackhats.

How do you determine someone is a blackhat? Just because they are brought before a court? If so, you are violating the presumption of innocence, one of the most critical foundational blocks of pur legal system.

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…this isn’t a court. It’s the BBQ Pit. We can be skeptical here.

If the prosecutor and the good, decent officers say that guy is a blackhat, you know, the LEOs are our whitehats, so we shoud trust ther judgement. Being a blackhat is not per se a crime, so it is not about being guilty of anything other than disagreeing with what the whitehats say.

You have 3 extra letters there.

We can be downright disbelieving and sarcastic here, too. It’s one of the things I like about it.

And this asshole, a 16 yr veteran, was training other officers.

> I didn’t do it!!

He denied sniffing her, reportedly, despite another instructor observing the incident.

His coworker told the investigating officers that she was humiliated, embarrassed and degraded by Meiser’s actions. Actions that were witnessed by other instructors who were at the range and corroborated her account.

Other instructors that didn’t try to stop him or report it themselves-they just corroborated after she made the report.
Or in other words, “good cops”.

Hey now - they couldn’t tell if she was in to that sort of thing or not. Best to wait and not cause a commotion in case it was consensual.

3 Texas officers indicted for force used on anti-police brutality protesters in 2020 (

“It was a riot,” he said. “There was looting. There were some people who started there, they were there protesting peacefully. Those people weren’t hurt. A lot of protesters, when asked to disperse, would. It’s the persons who didn’t that obviously caused the problem and the violence and the property damage.”

he said with a straight face…

According to the story, he put up his hands, then they shot him. He fell, raised back, put up his hands…AND THEY SHOT HIM AGAIN.

Quadry Sanders had just raised his hands when a police officer shot at him four times, according to graphic body-camera footage of the Dec. 5 scene outside a Lawton, Okla., home. After falling to the ground, Sanders momentarily sat up and raised his hands again, when the officer — along with a second one — fired more shots, officials said

Hey, he was still moving and in the exact same manner that caused them to shoot him the first time.

The officers were justifiably afraid for their lives, because they could see that he had pigmentation in his hands.

San Jose cop arrested for masturbating in a home he was called to.

10 year old boy put in a chokehold and dragged across the floor. Guess what his skin color is.

Does that make him a hardened criminal?

At least it ended without anyone getting shot.

I hope he gets a stiff sentence.

Hopefully the bailiff won’t say “All rise!”

Before becoming a police officer, he was a jack-of-all-trades.

Shouldn’t that be a jack-off-all-trades?