Controversial encounters between law-enforcement and civilians - the omnibus thread #2


Former South Carolina deputy sentenced to 18 years for driving his police van through floodwaters, leading to two women drowning in the back of the van.

A Marion County jury found former Horry County deputy Stephen Flood guilty of two counts of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of reckless homicide.

Uh … how the hell did he not see that coming ?

Two women (one of whom was a 911 dispatcher) went to the police in Alexandria, Louisiana to report that a man had assaulted them and was stalking them. The police told them to come back on another day. In the meantime, he murdered them.

There is this thing that happens inside gasoline ICE vehicles that involves gasoline and a spark

Apparently this combustion principle is either not well understood or is easily forgotten by police in the, uh, heat of the moment (which the officer also learned about quite firsthandedly).

Ft. Worth cop fired for throwing a handcuffed prisoner face first on the pavement and knocking him unconscious, then failing to report it. It was the second incident with the department since his hiring in 2017.

When the active shooter incident at Robb Elementary began yesterday, the police let the shooter barricade himself in a classroom with children and adults inside, then started evacuating their own children and left him in there for an hour, without making any attempt to break down the door, until they found a teacher with a key, during which time they threatened to Tase parents who wanted to rush the school themselves.

ALL of the dead were in that classroom.

Perhaps someone should have reported that there was a black child kneeling during the Pledge of Allegiance or a 78-year-old woman with dementia and they’d have gone in guns blazing.

The Uvalde police are abject cowards and deserve to be charged with accessory to murder.

I’m having a hard time expressing my displeasure regarding the response from both police on the scene and lawmakers without it sounding like a call to violence.

The good guys with guns were afraid of the bad guy with a gun.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs – NCIS:

Courage doesn’t have anything to do with medals. It’s simple. You run to the gunfire, not away from it.

Saitama - One Punch Man:

“If the heroes run away, who’s left to help?”

While the police went to the scene soon after, it took them a while to go into the school. It was later revealed that some police officers went into the school to save their children first.

I have a feeling there will be some tension in that community.

A mother who was handcuffed outside the Texas school shooting later ran into the school and pulled her two children to safety: report (

Angeli Rose Gomez, a farm supervisor working nearby who has children in second and third grade at Robb, told the Journal that she drove 40 miles to the school when she heard about the shooting, only to see an apparent lack of response from law enforcement as the gunman barricaded himself in a classroom.

“The police were doing nothing,” Gomez told The Journal. “They were just standing outside the fence. They weren’t going in there or running anywhere.”

Police spokesman on CNN explains that the cops were just too darn scared to engage the shooter because he might have shot at them.

A Uvalde cop yelled at the kids to yell for help. One kid did, and the shooter killed him.

I think the solution is to further militarize the police. A howitzer would have solved the crisis with no threat to the police.

I don’t know about that. Seems rather clumsy.
Better that all small town police departments be equipped with Apache helicopters with APKWS - Advanced Precision Kill Weapons Systems. These missiles could have taken out the school easily, with minimal danger to police.
Also, the 30mm chain gun (600 rounds/minute) could have taken care of any stragglers.

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