Controversial encounters between law-enforcement and civilians - the omnibus thread #2

Tried to blame the violent murder on ‘drunken foolishness’.

Oh, and fuck THIS guy.

OK, so murdering a cop is ‘drunken foolishness’, and murdering spa workers is caused by having a bad day.

Just making sure I’ve got my white guy murder excuses correct in case I need one.

You can get away with anything if Starbucks was out of whipped cream.

I just want to call attention to this horribly written lede from the NY Daily News:

A former Alabama police officer pleaded guilty to murdering his wife to avoid a possible death sentence.

So he murdered his wife to avoid a possible death sentence? No, he didn’t. Here’s an alternative:

A former Alabama police officer, charged with murdering his wife, has pled guilty to avoid a possible death sentence.

Look, it even takes up almost exactly the same amount of space. A reader shouldn’t have to stop, blink, and take a few seconds to parse out what one line in a newspaper article is saying.

End hijack.

Tornado Rips Through Cemetery – Dozens Feared Dead


“Evidence I have seen confirms that these detention officers violated well-established Sheriff’s Office policies and procedures,” Sheriff Jim Skinner said

Is it just me, or do custody deaths just not happen to white people?

Seattle PD can GFTs. The Root has a story about terrorist officers at the Capitol thingy, including a list of over 20 names. Strike that: a list of 9 actual names. The Seattle PD had 6 officers there, but they will not tell us who they were (SE PA Transit Authority had seven, but those are not beat cops, as it were).

Caveat: the list identifies attendees, meaning some of them may have just been spectators rather than proactive terrorists.

Why do I have a suspicion that the “policies and procedures” that were violated were “Don’t have cameras on, and don’t snitch on each other”

Ask Jeffrey Epstein.

Live stream of Derek Chauvin trial.

Because of a lyin’ ass cop.

Franco was indicted by a New York County grand jury in April 2019 on numerous charges, including official misconduct and 16 counts of first-degree perjury. Three months later, he was indicted on 10 additional counts of perjury.

The indictments stem from four incidents in which he’s accused of “framing numerous individuals for making narcotics transactions.”

A court has unsealed bodycam footage of two LAPD officers’ response to a domestic violence call in Hollywood, back in May 2019. As I understand the circumstances, the responding officers had no physical description of the alleged assailant.

Note that before the officers even get out of the car, they have decided that the gentleman in the video, one Antone Austin, is their subject. Mr. Austin was taking his garbage out; that’s it. Oh, yeah, and he was doing it while black. I’d like to also note that the very first thing the officers do is order him to turn around. Things devolve from there.

Would it really have been so difficult for the first officer out of the car to have simply said, “Good morning, sir. we’re responding to a call in this area and we’d like to talk to you for a few moments?” The entire tenor of the interaction changes right there.

ABC story here

Glad to see they assumed the suspect was black when he was indeed white. No, we don’t need any fucking police reform.

As shocking as what I saw in those videos, they appear to both still be charged with crimes. And the LA city AO is blaming them for the incident. Fucking unbelievable!!!

well, he IS black.

Sad but true.

And it required a court order to get the bodycam footage released.

Insane story, but not surprising. While federal law enforcement agencies are probably among the most professionally trained officers in the land, the article seems to add to the growing evidence that CBP has a culture problem that’s as bad local police force across the country.