Convention fact checking

GQ so this isn’t about anybody’s versions of the “facts”.

My question is a factual one as to which media outlets made specific attempts to officially fact-check any part of last week’s Republican Convention.

By “officially” I mean something other than a lone talking head or someone from the other side making claims that the Republicans had their facts in error.

One other factual question… was any of the fact-checking itself wrong enough to result in official corrections?

Politifact, a project of the Tampa bay Times, does this full-time. They won a Pulitzer Prize for fact-checking politician’s comments.

There’s also

If you google “Fact check Romney” you’ll find that many of the major news outlets (USA Today, CBSNews, etc.) did their own evaluations of the republican convention.

(I’ve linked to examples pertaining to Romney’s speech, but a fat-check of other speeches are available at those sources as well).