Converted Tori Amos Fan: A Sort of Fairytale with You

Until A Sort of Fairytale with You came out, I couldn’t stand Tori Amos, mostly because of her cheesy, overly-dramatic piano playing.


At first I didn’t know it was Tori Amos; when I found out, I had to put my annoyance with her in abeyance.

That girl can write, that girl can wail!

Yeah. I don’t tend to like Tori much either, but I do love the song Spark. However, I can’t seem to find enough else to like to actually be a fan.

I love Tori’s playing and her composing abilities, but her voice and her lyrics make me want to stab her with a pointy stick. So I don’t call myself a fan.

That said, certain songs of hers aren’t bad on the lyrical/vocal delivery front and are sonically beautiful (viz., most of the Under the Pink album and the songs “Horses,” “Marianne,” and “Not the Red Baron”).

Do y’all agree with me on her cheesy, overly-dramatic piano playing?

Now that’s pointy stick material if I ever saw it.

Welllll…if you mean the way she acts when she plays (head-tossing, bench-rocking, etc.), yes. God, yes. But when just listening to her CDs, I quite like the way she plays.

Mmmmm… Tori Amos. Makes me wish I were a little piggie.
Well, maybe I am. I just wanted to be the first to say it.


I love Little Earthquakes, and very much enjoy Under the Pink…

Beyond that and a number of singles I have little love for her songs. Next week I’ll be visiting with a friend who has the new album, so I’ll listen to it then. I’m not overly fond of A Sort of Fairytale though.

It’s worse than you think – the song is actually called “A Sorta Fairytale.” shudder

I have the new album, however, and it’s not bad. The songs have a sort of mature, laid-back vibe to them all. The piano has been mixed to the back, and there are a lot of guitars (real? synthesized?) floating about.

That’s what I mean.

Uh. Noy. Ing.

Hey, the piano’s orgasmic. Cut her some slack. :wink: