converting a large batch of Microsoft Word files to HTML

We need to convert a large batch (say 1000) Microsoft Word documents to html format.

Of course, we can open each individual document from within Word, and then save as html, but this will take forever.

So, slight improvement is to write a script that opens each document from within words and then saves it as html. The problem with this is that the script tends to get hung up. It encounters a document with some weird problem or other, and then brings up a dialog box. Well, that’s ok if there is a human operator sitting there, but the idea is that I’d like to set this thing running when I go to bed and wake up in the morning and see all my files converted.

So, is there some third party software that will just run a batch of Word files all at once and just convert them. Is there some other solution that would allow us to do batch processing of all these word files?

A Google search of “batch process word files” produced a link to CZ Document Converter V1.5