Converting DVD's for my Creative Neo


I’m not asking for anyhing illegal here so i hope i’m within the guidelines. Apologies Mods, if I’m not.

I’ve just got a Creative Neo music/video player and I’m trying to figure out what I need to convert commercial DVD’s that I own to MPEG or AVI files that I can watch on long train journies.

I have no interest in pirating - just watching my own stuff on my shiny new gadget but I have no knowledge of how to get DVD’s onto my pc in a format I can copy to the player. The guides I’ve found assume knowledge I don’t have and I don’t know enough to evaluate software.

Thanks in anticipation of any advice you can offer.

I use MPlayer, but I can only speak for its success on my Linux PC. Not sure how well it works on other platforms.

I use FairUseWizard to copy my personal collection of DVD’s to my portable media player. The free version makes it 700MB AVI, almost perfect for the portable media players. The paid version lets you decide the size etc. But I think that is what you would want.
(It takes me about 1 hour to convert a DVD to a AVI movie)

thanks. i’ll check those out.

      • Unfortunately you can’t do it without breaking the encryption, which is illegal (at least in the US). But who cares? is one website that has DVD utilities for doing such things.
  • I very rarely watch any movies, but when I do I watch them on my computer (I don’t have a standalone DVD player) and to do that without installing spyware, I have to decrypt and rip them as well.