Converting .MOV files to different formats?

My Canon PowerShot camera shoots video in .MOV format. I want to edit the videos in Windows Movie Maker, but it won’t work with .MOV format. How do I convert the video? What format is best to convert it to? AVI? WMV?

I googled this and spent a while reading up but could not find anything I am confident in. I did finally download Hamster free video converter but am not sure it’s any good. I am trying it out now.

Also are there any other video editing tools that are better than Movie Maker, but the right price (read: free)?

The free program Format Factory converts just about anything to just about anything


The freeware MPEG Streamclip will do the job for you, Mac and PC version are available.

Thanks for the links.

Anyone have recommendations for video editing software?

Thank you, I am checking it out now.

I used the WinX converter and it’s not difficult.

It’s really best to stick to the same format. If you convert you are going to be compressing again and losing some quality. Sometimes not a lot but it’s advisable to keep the same format if at all possible.

OK, so what program can I use to edit .MOV files? I suppose Apple had a program but I have a PC.

I am trying out the Wondershare Video Studio Express linked above and so far I like it. It’s very simple and easy to use.