Is there a way to convert a .mov file to .wmv?

I have a camera that records video in .mov format. Is there a way to convert it to .wmv?

I have Windows 98 and am really looking for a free program that is easy to use.

I understand it may have to be converted twice(like to .avi, then to .wmv), but does anyone know what would be the easiest and quickest way to convert it to .wmv?

Why go from an annoying format to a completely shity and evil format?

Why not just download a free copy of Quicktime for Windows? Then you don’t need to convert.

I don’t know how to do it, but I’d appreciate knowing too, since I try to limit the amount of buggy obnoxious nagware I install on my system, quicktime included.

PS. Dear Quicktime: nobody in their right mind wants you to register yourself for filetypes they already have viewers for (i.e. PNG, MPEG). That type of behavior is what gets you labeled “obnoxious.”

Quicktime is actually pretty good software, especially compared to Media Player. I second Q.E.D’s recommendation to download the free Quicktime player. Yes, it has a nag screen, but it’s free. For a very cheap $30, you can upgrade to the Pro version, which lets you convert to several other formats (WMV not among them, althoug AVI is) and do a little basic editing. It also loses the nag screen.

ntucker’s right about QT taking over too many filetypes, especially on the Mac. But you can opt out when you install.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Did it ever occur to anyone that I may want the conversion so I could simply burn the files to disc and my dvd player(which plays .wmv) would play the .mov files?

I didn’t want to go through the pain of making a vcd either.

We’re not mind readers. If that’s what you wanted, why not just say so up front? In any event, see my previous link. It solves your problem.

How about the other way around?

On a Mac, WMV and Real are basically unwatchable. However, MPEG and MOV come through great with Quicktime Player. How can I convert those @#$%ing AVIs, RMs, and WMVs to MPEG or MOV?

Is there anything that reads RMs and WMVs better than their respective designated players?

Hmm… It seems the AVI-on-MAc question is in the process of being answered. Kind of. I’d rather convert, though.