Converting VHS tapes to DVD

I know there are DVD burners and other expensive equipment which I can buy to do this, but I would rather just pay someone to do it for me. Does anyone know how I can affordably copy my tapes to DVD? Thanks

You would rather pay someone to do it. Ok. We don’t even know where you live, so how can anyone here reccommend someone?

Look in the yellow pages under “video duplicating” or a similar title.

Check out - a company owned by Kodak - set up a franchise to do just this: convert VHS or any other type of consumer format - to DVD and CD-ROM. You can transfer photos, video, whatever for about $35 a pop.

And since it’s a franchise we don’t need to know where you live. :smiley:

I can’t recall any right now, but i’ve seen sites on the internet that’ll do it for you if you mail them your tapes. I don’t know how reliable they are, but I don’t see any reason they would steal your baby footage or anything.

Once you check their prices, you could do it yourself for less…if you have 10-15 2 hour cassettes of them I suppose.

Yesterday, I decided to get a dvd recorder, which also functions as TIVO & a progressive scan settop dvd player, etc. etc…only cause it was on sale about $450 which included a Panasonic dvd player mail in rebate… sale was only until midnight though.