Where can I get digital video from VHS?

I have access to a VHS videotape that I want to get onto a MiniDV tape. Since I shouldn’t need to do this sort of thing very often, I don’t want to buy any specialized hardware for the purpose. What I would really like is to take the tape to Wolf Camera or some such place and get it transferred into digital format. Are there any places around that do this sort of thing? I don’t own the tape but I can borrow it, so I don’t want to send it off someplace.

You can do this with some MiniDV cameras that have analog in (Canon GL2 comes to mind), or using an analog-firewire bridge to get it to a MiniDV camera or computer.

Yes, and it is relatively common. Even if they perhaps don’t do it themselves, a descent video equipment store should be able to point you to someone in your area. Just to give you a general idea of the prices: A company in my former neighborhood charged EUR 10 (~$12.40) for the first 15 minutes and EUR 5 (~$6.20) per additional 15 min. plus blank cassette, to and from any tape format. It is not really cheap if you have lots of tapes, but certainly cheaper than any piece of equipment.

^^^ That would likely be the cheapest and quickest solution.

However, if you can’t get ahold of such equipment my suggestion would be to check in the yellowpages for a local video production outfit. Any medium or larger sized towns should have a few to pick from.

I just inquired about this kind of thing from a local company. The response I got by e-mail just this morning:

Yes, we can transfer VHS to DVD. We can also transfer your VHS footage to an editable, digital format, usable in Premiere.
Our standard rate for video to DVD is: Up to 1 hour - $250.00 Up to 2 hours - $350.00
Video compression costs are: Encoding - $5.00 per minute Compression - $100.00 per hour. Burn to Disc - $32.50

Excuse me??? I’m looking to transfer about 3 hours worth of stuff. I’ll go buy a freakin vidcap card and DVD burner and still save money!

OK, thanks for the replies. I need to check my camera to see if it has analog input. Failing that, I guess I’ll check the Yellow Pages.
Thanks again,