cooked carrots taste like people walking slow

I know this sounds strange, but when younger brother was little, he used to always say that “cooked carrots taste like people walking slow”, and that was his excuse for not liking them.

After hearing this for years, it sort of makes sense. Can anyone else identify with it?

Yes, that’s exactly what they taste like. I often think along these lines. Lots of foods taste like colours - bubblegum tastes like pink, for example.

Wafer thin ham tastes like waiting for a train when you’re not in a hurry.

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I don’t know if it makes sense of not, but I like it. It’s like a little poem.

Excuse me for a moment while I re-evaluate my lunch…

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Sister always called tomato soup, “Old People Soup”. This brought to mind all sorts of interesting images.

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When Fran brought up sigs, I noticed curwin’s sig poses the question, what does Dave mean in english? Well, to answer that question, to Dave someone means to use the same combo of attacks in a fighting game to defeat that person. eg. “I would play Street Fighter with him, but he’ll just dave me with fireballs.”

Courtesy PsuedoDictionary.

Brussell sprouts certainly taste blue. And the more you eat, the bluer(?) they taste.

The trick to cooked carrots is 1. Don’t over do it, & 2. Honey glaze. Then they don’t taste like people walking slow, they taste like redheads.

Dr. Pinky: a man with some obvious problems, as well as a few obscure ones.

The question now, of course, becomes; what do redheads taste like?

Sure, I could tell you, but I guarantee you’ll thank me if you fund that out by yourself. :smiley:

I have found that flavors, smells and sounds have colors and shapes, but none so detailed as “people walking slow” ask your brother if he still experiences this, and ask him about other flavors.

Dr. Pinky, you are very naughty. And very funny.
And yeh, I’m a redhead. And I’ve heard a lot of things about those with firey tresses, but never this. Interesting. I’ll have to ask if… um, never mind.

To get back to a subject somewhat related to the original post, I’ve always thought that iced tea you find in some restaurants tastes like green beans. I call it green bean tea. You know that sort of overcooked taste that green beans from a can have? Bleeeech.

Okay, and also, drinks served in cups from Hardee’s taste like glazed donut grease funk. Which I hate. Seriously.

I would also like to think the that rich, sweet, firm chunks of tomato in my favorite restaurant’s Italian sauces would taste like a rich, sweet, firm Italian man, but as yet I have no proof of this.


Dammit… apparently I have a naughty distracted tomato for a head, or I never would have made such a typo. Please transpose the ‘the’ and ‘that’.

Hard-boiled eggs taste like elevator muzak. Until you put salt on them – then they taste like Tuesday.

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I personally think that cooked carrots taste like lipstick but yours is much better. :slight_smile:

Most of us have - at least once in our lives - commented about something that “It taste slike shit!!!”

The unavoidable question is: “Who actually knows what shit taste like?..Why are we all such shameless liars?”

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What does a watermelon taste like?

A man made of the same material?

Anyone wanna taste


I know exactly what you’re talking about but I’ve always thought it tastes like slightly moldy straw.Again Bleeeech.

There is a Miller Brewery close to my house. Now it smells exactly like green beans cooking.

That smell is from the boiling process- when the unfermented beer is boiled, DiMethylSulfide is created, and boils off. Same smell from overcooked beans.


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Glad to know I’m not the only one who has tasted green bean tea. And now I know the scientific name for its funkiness.

Indeed, you taste honey-glazed — even from way over here in cyberspace. No need to ask for other opinions.

From one pink to another,