Foods that smell better than they taste

Freshly popped popcorn always smells so good to me that no matter where I am, I smell it and I have to buy some but, it just never seems to taste as good as it smells.

Anyone else have this happen with this or any other type of food?

Coffee, sometimes. Good coffee tastes as good as it smells. Bad coffee always still smells good.

Vanilla extract.

Coffee smells good but tastes like someone shat in a cup.

Well, almost any type of extract smells better than it will taste, until you put the extract into something, then you get it’s flavor. Also, my dad drinks hazelnut coffee, and it smells sooooooo good, but I hate coffee and know that it will taste like crap if I drink it.

McDonalds burgers, always smell good, but the taste (if you try to taste them) is awful.
Cheers, Bippy

Last night my friend made eggplant parmesean. It smelled great, but I determined quickly that eggplant tastes like worn socks. Ugh.

Barbarian and In Conceivable I think you’ve got it wrong, you see in order to fully enjoy coffee-you have to be hopelessly addicted to it.:smiley:

As soon as I saw the thread title, I thought “popcorn.”

I like the smell of bacon but when I eat it I’m always diappointed by the overpowering saltiness of it.

I like the smell of fresh baked cookies but I’m not really into eating cookies (with only a couple of exceptions).

I LOVE the smell of hot dogs cooking.

But I absolutely loathe eating them. It makes me a little sad that something that smells so good can (to me) taste so horrid.

Can I get an A-MEN?!

Personally, I have to say pea soup. If they made a candle of that smell, I’d be sure to buy every last one. Ask me to taste it and I’ll dump the pot on your head.


Beef boullion
Unsweetened baking chocolate

Cinamon…I remember as a kid putting cinamon directly onto toasted and buttered bread…yuk.

I second coffee, especially the freeze dried raw coffee.

Scallops. These things smell heavenly, and they set my mouth a-watering every time.

They taste dreadfully like rubber bands.

I do love coffee. I have just noticed that bad coffee smells as good as good coffee.

Green bell peppers. I think they smell wonderful, but taste pretty much like watery cardboard.

The smell of the burger is carefully engineered by artificial means, oddly enough, by the same lab which make Clinique perfumes. (This is according to * Fast Food Nation * by Eric Schlosser.)

Hmmm…exactly what I thought. But I guess you could include just about any kind of extract or spice, other than fennel seeds, which are an integral part of “pan mix” and can be safely eaten on their own.

coffee - definitely coffee. I can’t stand the taste of it but I love the smell of it.

Mmmmm . . . what’s that delectable aroma? What? Fried LIVER?! (Sound of spontaneous upchuck)