Cookie Baking Question

I bake a lot of cookies and have gotten pretty good at controlling the finished color of the cookies but not perfect. If I break a cookie in half I can see where the brownness on the bottom is greater than the browness on the top and through the center. I would like to get it as close as possible to uniform. Would lower temp for longer period be the adjustment I am looking for?

What surface are you baking them on?

I realized a while back that light colored pans give my biscuits a much lighter underside. A silpat will also do this. Dark pans make for dark undersides. A lower temp for longer might help, but for some kinds of baking, it could affect the structure – I think it would probably be OK for most cookies, though.

Yes, I have been using dark colored pans, Teflon coated cookie sheets. Not familiar with a silpat but I will look into it.

Here’s a site with multiple suggestions.