cooking problem - meringues

Long story but crazy friend’s dad likes making small meringues, every since friend’s mum died two years ago. I’m getting married in August and can’t afford a big wedding. I wondered if it was possible to make a profiteroll pyramid thingy out of meringues? (and use as the wedding cake - this will be an unconventional wedding anyway)
What could I use to stick them all together without making them gooey - and how could I make it a bit more interesting looking? Chocolate coating?

A couple of thoughts…

First off, I’m assuming that these are dried meringues like the meringue cookies I’ve seen around here and have made.

if you could make them larger, and make each successive tier slightly smaller you won’t have to really stick them together.

If that won’t work, you might make some simple syrup and boil it until it reaches the hard ball stage, and then use it to stick them together. As soon as the syrup cools it should hold.

Another thing you might be able to do is to use royal icing or butter cream to stick them and to decorate with.

If they are not the dried ones, I’m afraid I can’t help much.

Good advice.

If you use the butter cream or icing, do not assemble the product too far ahead of time. Any moisture will soften the (hardened) meringue and ruin its structural integrity.

brilliant thank you so much - yes, they are the dry type.

If your friend’s Dad was interested in branching out into bigger meringues there is this recipe which I’ve made several times for special occasions. It’s not difficult to make, just takes a bit of work to put it together. It’s spectacular looking and will serve 15-20 people.

I would think a thickish butter-cream filling, would work. You could also using melted chocolate thinned down a little with cream or butter to make it more workable.

It occurs to me that you might want to let it sit for a little while once it’s made, those little hard meringues can be very crumbly, so a llittle moisture in them would help your cake cut more easily.