Cooking question

This is inadvisable for omelets and especially not for baking. Milk’s additional proteins and caseins help to “tighten” the egg as it cooks giving it a dense and chewy texture. A splash of water will provide steam to fluff things up a bit.

That’s right - I used to use milk, but using water makes a ‘better’ omellete.

I am too inept to follow all these directions. I eventually said screw it and didn’t make the cake.

Thanks though!

Sorry it didn’t work! Cakes are, as far as baked things go, kind of complicated; you might want to try some other stuff before moving on to cakes.

Corn bread is super-easy and quick. Most muffin recipes and even coffee cake recipes are pretty simple.

If you can find a copy of The Cake Bible, it uses a different technique than most recipes for making cakes. I find its recipes generally much, much simpler than their counterparts in other books. Here’s a sample lemon poppyseed pound cake recipe from the book.

Do you have any friends or family members who bake? If so, see if they’ll let you help them make something. That’s the best way, I think, to learn to cook: watching someone else do the techniques is really valuable.

Better luck next time!

Start with some simpler recipes ‘all in one’ is a good phrase to search on; I made an all in one chcolate sponge on the weekend (as the basis of a gateau) - you just throw all the ingrdients in a bowl, mix, tip into a cake tin and bake - couldn’t be simpler.