What do you do with extra egg whites/yolks?

I must confess, I usually don’t cook, especially using detailed recipes that instruct you to use “6 egg whites” or “4 egg yolks”. So the question that enters my mind after watching a countless number of cooking shows throughout the years is if a recipe calls for 6 egg whites, what do you do with those 6 leftover yolks? I wouldn’t imagine anyone throwing them out. I guess perhaps whenever you make a recipie calling for 6 egg whites, you would make something else which requires 6 or so egg yolks. But that seems like a lot of trouble to go through. Perhaps this is why I don’t cook. So tell me, Straight Dopers, what do you do with your left over egg whites/yolks?

Well, my diet program calls for eggwhites only. Before I got wise and started using “eggbeaters” I used a friend’s suggestion.

Take the eggyolks and put them into a paper cup, cook them in the microwave. Tear off the paper cup outside, place cup shaped yolk in a net and hang from a tree for birds.

Or alternately I would cook up the yolks for my dog.

When I use something that needs only the whites, I’ll usually just save the yolks in a little covered bowl in the fridge and make scrambled eggs in the morning and throw the extra yolk in with them.

I toss ‘em. Why wouldn’t you? I mean, if you’re frugal, you can find something to do with them, but what do I need 6 eggs’ worth of whites for? Sure, I suppose I can whip up a meringue or mousse, or if I have left over egg yolks, I can always make a custard, but why. They’re eggs, not gold bouillion. Just toss 'em.

I started a similar thread a while back because I like to make eggs benedict and had just been poaching the extra eggwhite (left over from making the hollandaise sauce.) (The thread who appears to have been pruned, though.)

Now I freeze the eggwhite and use it later – either to make omelettes or meringues. Thanks Dopers!

When I make Pavlova (purists, you should look away now), I use the egg yolks to make a rich vanilla custard and use this as part of the recipe; typically, I will make two thinner, flatter meringues, instead of one big one and do something like this:

Some small slices of peeled orange
Whipped cream
Sliced kiwi fruits and strawberries
Fruit sauce (sometimes I make this from reduced pureed fruits, other times I cheat and buy a carton of passion fruit juice and thicken it a little with cornflour)

Give them to the dog. She loves them over Purina chow.

Same here – when I was lifting and was eating 4-6 egg whites a day (hard-boiled), I’d mix the yolks in with the dogs dinner. They were happy campers.

Left over egg whites? I pitch 'em.

Left over egg yolks? I mix them with some milk and make scrambled eggs (well scrambled egg yolks - I don’t add any whites or additional eggs) and eat 'em.


See…I need a course in what you can freeze and what you can’t freeze…so you CAN freeze egg whites? But you can’t freeze an entire egg, can you?

At any rate, regarding the OP…I used to try to figure out what to do with the extra egg whites from a recipe I have for Mousakka. I finally did what others have mentioned…threw it out.

You must make pavlova with your egg whites. Why must you? Because it is bloody yummy!


Egg whites freeze just fine; they are almost pure protein. And they are very useful to make an angel food cake.

Here’s another trick. One egg white will almost exactly fill one little compartment of an ice cube tray. Just cover it with a piece of plastic wrap adhering to the surface. Even better, if you can find the ice cube trays with compartments that you can take out. That way you know exactly how many egg whites you have. When you’ve got a dozen you can make angel food cake! Just be absolutely sure that there is not the slightest dot of yolk or other contaminant in there.

Back when all of us could eat fattier foods, I used to make hollandaise sauce to go with the vegetables. It needs just egg yolk. Saved the whites, as above.

Unfortunately now, we eat our vegetables steamed, without the yummy, calorie and cholesterol-laden sauce. :frowning:

Left over egg whites - definitely a pavlova. I serve mine with whipped cream, banana and passionfruit. Yummmmmm.

I almost never have this situation, but when I do, I just make omelettes the next day. Whites or yolks, it doesn’t matter, they’re getting scrambled up with cheese and peppers and onions.