Cooking with apples; what kind?

Tonight I’m making, for the first time, apple stuffed pork chops. My dumb question is, what type of apples are best used for cooking? Should I use Fugi, Granny Smiths, Red Delicious, or what?
I’m looking for a flavour to enhance, not overwhelm, the pork.
Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance - DESK

To a certain extent it’s a matter of taste, but I’d use something at least a little bit tart with meat (e.g. more likely Granny Smith than Red Delicious).

Granny Smiths are usually better for cooking because they’re firmer.

Another vote for granny.

And another - I always use granny smith in pies, since they keep their shape well and give a nice tartness which would complement the meat well. Don’t use red delicious, whatever you do; they don’t cook well (though they’re not much good for eating raw either).

Another vote for Granny Smiths, and one for the Northern Spy as well, although they’re a little more difficult to get. Red Delicious are the iceberg lettuce of apples. That’s bad, by the way, at least I think so. Essentially flavorless, but they make a nice appearnce.

Another vote for Granny Smith. I love them, because they’re tart and crisp.
Red Delicious are okay for just eating uncooked (although they’re a little too “mealy” for my taste), but if you put them in a pie, they get mushy like applesauce rather than maintaining distinct slices.

Wow. I was going to recommend Granny Smiths before I opened the thread, and now it seems kind of redundant.

Anything but red delicious. Red delicious apples are generally tasteless and mealy and have been foisted on the public with aggressive advertising.

My mother would always bake pies with Cooking Apples, big lumpy sour things. Then she would heel in half a bag of sugar to counteract the sourness. I often wondered why she wouldnt just make pies using sweet apples. i asked her, but she told me not to be so fucking silly. Anyone got a more scientific response?

Granny Smith once again.

Agree on Red Delicious being the Devil’s apple. Beautifully red, huge size, long shelf life…and a tasteless piece of junk (apparently, the public has finally caught on, Red Delicious sales have been down for a while), whether eaten out of hand or cooked. Now, Golden Delicious, that’s a good eatin’ apple. But my favorites are Empires.

Granny Smiths are common, but I don’t think they’re particularly interesting. Pink Ladys are good cooking apples with better flavor than Granny Smiths (in my opinion). Fujis are sweet - good for eating, not so good for cooking.

My favorite apple variety is Jonathans, which have a slightly spicy note and do very well as cooked apples. Not as tart as Granny Smiths. They’re not as common and not as large as many other varieties, and they do tend to bruise a little easier. Usually found in bags, not loose.

Pink Ladies for just about anything. Cooking, eating from the hand and display. An overall great apple.

I’ve been told that the best cooking apples are tart and firm–granted, that was for pies. Granny Smith’s (do I hear an echo in here?) would be good, though I’d rather eat those and cook with Cortlands :wink: Agreed with the Red Delicious–it’s anything but delicious.

That reminds me, I was going to make some pies…

Here, here, chefguy. Agree 100% ANY apple is better than a Red Delcious.